Look at all the bored Trump fans walking out right during his speech

Just a point, it was held at the Lorain County Fairgrounds in Wellington, OH.

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His August rallies will (maybe) sell out…

via thehill

“He’s coming back soon, and you guys are going down,” a Trump supporter in Wellington identified as Ron told O’Sullivan, sparking laughter from others in his group. “The military already knows it was a fraud. He won by over 80 percent.”

Ron continued: “He’s coming back before the middle of August.”

“And what if that doesn’t happen?” O’Sullivan asked.

“We’re going to be in a civil war because the militia will be taking over,” the man responded."



That’s my fear as well. It’s not that they’re finally seeing through his blustering (dangerous) nonsense, it’s that they want more fiery rhetoric than he’s currently delivering, and we have Gaetz and Crawley and Empty-G and others chomping at the bit to be the next one at bat.


“Wait, wait, wait! Ya’ll forgot your free tumbler of Flavor-Aid!”


Then he confused them by saying how tremendous it was that a man from Ohio (clearly he couldn’t remember Neil Armstrong’s name) had landed on a plant.


I think they’re leaving because he didn’t go far enough. “Gone too far” is not something a Trump fan will grok.


Early in his presidency he came to Michigan for a rally at an outdoor sports venue but he would be speaking inside. I got a robo call from Lara Trump inviting patriots like me to attend the rally. I called my daughter and played the message.

I said, you know what that means, right? Yup, we have to get tickets and heckle him.

We got tickets but because they over sold the venue not everyone got in including us.

His supporters were not happy. The funny thing is, when-they played the National Anthem the red hat wearers did not remove their hats or turn and face one of 8 flags flying on the field.

We had to park about a half mile away and walk. On the way back to our car the state police stopped us and said we couldn’t go back down that road until he went by. Who went by? Yup, trump was on his way by, we waited.

I stood in an empty field less than 100 feet away out in the open and my daughter started a live feed on Facebook for that glorious moment when he went by looked right at me and I flipped him of. It’s a very cherished photo by both of us.

The really hard thing was standing in line with all his supporters and listening to the complete nonsense. The most bizarre thing was when they started chanting “deport the gays”. At one point they saw my daughters Obama shirt and my wife’s March For Our Lives shirt (we had just got back from DC) and they started taking photos I’m sure to mock us on Facebook. It was a great family evening. We went out to diner afterwards to laugh at them.

Sorry the post is so long but I don’t get to tell the story that often.


Kinda reminds me of a Charlie Sheen event…


I mean, I have, when the pleasure of seeing another encore seemed like less than the pain of dealing with traffic.

Yeah, but are sports fans bored? Are they not interested in the team they went to see?

Trump fans might ditch out on the last 10 minutes of a Trump speech after having already been there for an hour-and-a-half of Trump (and who knows how much of the warm-up speakers), but that’s really not the same as discovering, mid-way through a rally that they really aren’t into it and leaving. Let’s face it, unfortunately these assholes are still thrilled to be there.


You need a “FAILING” somewhere in there. It’s his favourite insult.



I worked hard on that speech.


In light of his delicate ego this likely tears him all up. It burns us precious!


Sure some people walked out. Eventually.

On the other hand, all those people actually showed up in the first place.

That should still be concerning, that after all the awful governance, childish behavior, and clear clownish loserness and obvious criminality of him and everyone around him, those people still are showing up.





What is joy and where can I get more of it?


I agree, and I think the contention that Trump is losing his grip on the republican party is wrong, based on the amount of pandering they’re still doing.
I also wondered if those weird campaign rallies are an event people buy a ticket for, or are they free?
Also, why Wellington, Ohio? According to Wikipedia it is in the middle of nowhere and has a population for fewer than 5,000 people. Weird place to go for a national figure.


For the “red” meat?
(Get it? Beef Wellington?)
Showing myself out…




Rare form. Rare indeed!


It really depends on who the speaker is. Trump, you couldn’t pay me to watch five minutes of his word salad.

Several years ago I saw one of Henry Rollins’ spoken word shows and it was one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. Rollins spoke non-stop for three hours, and it was three hours of intelligent, philosophical, funny, touching, outrageous speech. The man is a dynamo! If you ever get the chance, absolutely go see Rollins. You’ll be in awe the entire time.