Lux, 22lb angry cat, traps family, including dog, in bedroom


Send in the Cossacks, they know how to deal with pussy riots.


Further evidence that cats allow us to use our homes at their discretion.

Traditionally all they would need is food and sunbeams. Looks like cat punting is on the forbidden list now.


Money quote from the article: ‘The cat has a history of violence’.


You just know some bleeding-heart liberal animal lover is just going to try and get it off the hook by saying it’s society’s fault he’s so violent. It’s as if personal responsibility of pets is dead in this country!

(note for the obtuse & butthurt: SARCASM!)

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It’s easy to play this for lulz, until you’ve seen a completely freaked out cat in action.

Scary stuff, but an acceptable risk IMO, because it’s rare and usually requires serious provocation. Besides, don’t people like cats partly because their wild side is relatively close to the surface?

“Oh God… Please hurry! He’s figured out how to use doorknobs!”


Not around here. A tabby that behaved like that in my home would be booted straight through a window. Extra points if it reaches the neighbor’s yard. And that’s if I’m feeling charitable.

Putting on my flame suit now…

Hey, I like a good feisty cat that stands up for itself. Have had a few such critters with wildness in their hearts over the years…and they were great fun and good companions. Maybe they just had the good sense to know when to take it down some notches…or maybe they were just good souls at heart. Never saw them get totally batshit crazy like Mr. Lux here…and the party would definitely be over if they did.

Cue the @jacksongalaxy “Cat Signal”

I don’t think there’s one answer that’s right for every cat and every incident.

My cat got his tail stepped on, accidentally, and freaked out almost exactly as described in this news story, and he was a total sweetie before and after. I opted to keep him and glad I did. The human in question never got along with him after that, but didn’t live with us and didn’t press me to get rid of him. Bottom line: he was provoked, he freaked out very badly, then he calmed down and went back to normal and lived out his life without further nasty incidents.

In this case, where you have a cat with a “history of violence” and a baby in the house, I would be much more cautious. I’d try to find him a new home where there were no children, and where the people were fully familiar with the cat’s history and willing to assume the risk. And I’d start preparing myself for the possibility that I wouldn’t be able to find any such home for him.

OMFG - you won the internets for the day.


flame suit for when you get out the flame thrower when it comes back?


We had an indoor feral cat for a while, it belonged to my eldest daughter. I’m not sure what she did to it when it was raised from kittenhood… but it very much did not want anything to do with humans. It would move with great speed to evade even being in the same room, and would growl whenever it felt cornered. It did finally “run away.”

We also had two Main Coon cats that were amazingly smart. When bringing in groceries, we would shut them in the washroom. They could manipulate the sliding door to open it and escape. We then tried locking them in the bathroom while we brought in groceries, and they’d work together… one pulling under the door while the other pulled down on the handle to unlock the door. We finally had to get an external latch to keep the door shut.

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What, did they run off with the bags or something?

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I wish I wouldn’t have listened to the call. The graphic and my imagination was so much better.

Hey! I’ve got acute butt!

My mother at one point had twenty cats (yeah, she cray-cray). On a visit one time, I was awoken by cries of help from my girlfriend, who had been mugged by the entire tribe for her cornflakes. 3/4 0r so of the cats had surrounded her so she couldn’t move, a few were harassing her from the worktop, and when she lifted the bowl over her head to get it away from the decoy team, the two on top of the fridge swiped it out of her hand onto the floor. Cats are bastards. More cats, exponentially so.