Lying down in bed desk




Needs an adjustable bed that rotates to vertical… for completeness…


I don’t want to drink my beer with a bendy straw.


Guaranteed to prevent those wasteful moments of intimacy.


Next: a support system to hold her forearms while she’s typing.


Hikikomoris rejoice!


Homer: Hey! What’s Lucky hooked up to?
Nurse: A respirator. It breathes for him.
Homer: And here I am using my own lungs like a sucker.


anybody who spent time on their phone laying on their back in bed knows that your hands will get numb and tingly when they’re up in the air like that.


Unless that thing weighs a lot, it looks to me like you’d need to be a really light typist for it to work well.


Lying down on the job has never been so productive.


Hooker/porn star joke goes here


Not if you get one of these.


I know hehe :slight_smile:


My dad spent a number of weeks in traction about 20 years ago, so he attached a perspex sheet to the headboard with some g clamps to allow him to read without changing position. I’m pretty sure that a better solution if you were going to be working in bed enough to make buying this worthwhile would be to replace the laptop with a large tablet and external keyboard, so you could type on an angled surface and rest your wrists. It shouldn’t be hard to get a holder for the tablet that allows you to touch the screen, then most of the time you don’t need to be straining your eyes or lifting your hands.


I’m not a huge way off that :blush:
11" ultra-portable laptop fully folded out and balanced on my chest with a wireless mouse only requires minimal support from the left hand to keep it balanced for ultimate weekend-morning bed-websurfing laziness :slight_smile:

The screen ends up at approximately the ideal height without needing to be lifted up. Typing is a nightmare, but it’s great for websurfing or games that only require WASD and mouse.


Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) … read up on this before lying down full time.


I routinely sleep hanging upside down from a cave ceiling, so this does nothing for me.


You will at some point in your life have to spend an extended time in bed, period. You will need this.


I find it easier to simply dictate my search criteria to my faithful lackey and leave the tiresome typing and reading to him.


That’s a neat idea. It appears to be a basic adjustable laptop stand like this one or this one, plus a strap. Apparently they used a very expensive strap.

I’ve already got one of those stands; if circumstances ever require me to spend a long time in bed, I may ask someone to grab me a strap to go with it.