MAGA snake eating its tail: GOP reps in trouble regardless of how they voted on the Speaker debacle

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Well, now they made their bed or didn’t make their bed and now have to sleep or deny that they slept in it.


I would say “You hate to see it” in that sarcastic way people say “You hate to see it” - but I actually do hate to see it. They’re making the whole country stupider, they’re preventing important work from getting done, and they’re just encouraging more of the “JUST BREAK EVERYTHING” mentality.


“Not my monkey; not my circus." --Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif

McCarthy was always toast, and the GOP was officially dysfunctional from the moment he was made speaker. You can’t govern an unruly beast with two heads pulling in the opposite direction, particularly when one of those heads is constantly threatening to bite you.

You don’t really have a majority if your members won’t agree on stuff.


I guess the ‘O’ in ‘GOP’ stands for ‘ouroboros’?


“Help, I’m the victim of an unprovoked attack… provoked by my going on the attack.”


Remember that on the spectrum, McCarthy is a MAGA stalwart

As I’ve heard pointed out elsewhere, the entire GOP spectrum is MAGA stalwarts. It goes from “Would kill or die for Trump” to “Would kill their own children for Trump.”


I was wondered if some Dems would support McCarthy for the sake of “stability” (relative term I guess), but they wisely stepped aside to let the MAGAs battle it out among themselves. Important to note however that chaos, toxicity and obstruction are not tools the Republicans use to achieve their goals; those are their goals.


That’s accurate. Unfortunately, the mainstream media (ABC, CNN, etc) is largely characterizing this as “the Democrats worked with the far right of the GOP to oust McCarthy,” making it sound like Democrats were actually cooperating with Goetz to do this. They absolutely were not. They simply said this is your mess and we’re not bailing you out.


Didn’t Boebert oppose McCarthy the first time around? Isn’t that why she and MTG are no longer besties? And now she’s supporting McCarthy?

This is the worst reality TV show ever.


Welcome to the Republican kakistocracy.




Why Reagan and not Nixon?


Despite being a paranoid asshole, and employing the southern strategy, he also supported some liberal policies… but then again, Roger Stone worked for him… :woman_shrugging: Take your pick, I guess.


I mean this has been the dems strategy on the hill recently. Give the GOP a lot of room to make complete fools of themselves so when november comes around they got plenty of receipts.


“Did McCarthy Buy Boebert’s ‘No’ Vote on His Removal?”

“It sure looks shady.”

McCarthy’s PAC made two very sizable donations to Boebert this past March and June for a total of nearly $100,000.00 for her re-election campaign.

Loomer claims that her Republican sources told her that Boebert promised McCarthy never to vote for a Motion to Vacate if he would support her campaign financially. I can’t confirm if that part of the story is true, but it sure seems odd that Boebert would support McCarthy against her closest allies in the House.


Yeah, even if it was for nothing more than political gain, Nixon at least gave lip service to the ERA, his administration saw the founding of the EPA, and a few other such policies. I can’t imagine a Republican even remotely supporting any of those today. I’m pretty sure Nixon would be considered a flaming liberal by the standard of today’s GOP. Maybe they’d praise him for the racist tools given to law enforcement by the War on Drugs? :person_shrugging:


And it’s crazy to think that, too, because of all the fucked up shit that Nixon did… but he was the only republican since the late 60s who did anything much worth while…

Oh, and while he and Kissinger were shit on the global south (bombing in Cambodia, Latin America, etc), Detente and reapproachment with China was not nothing either… That really was a huge deal. Can you imagine a single mainstream Republican not using yellow peril BS in their rhetoric about china today? And there are pictures of Nixon with Mao, and on the Great Wall! Look at this! This is a real thing that happened!


He’s shaking hands with a commie! :exploding_head:

Which is crazy, but true.


Totally agree!

The Democrats did what they needed to do.

McCarthy has proven he can’t be trusted. He’s backed off of every important agreement he’s made with his opposition since he became speaker. This time around, he stabbed Ukraine in the back.

He’s also reneged on promises he made to the MAGA crowd. Sorry not sorry about that, but there it is.

Neither party can trust him to honor a deal he might have made to keep the gavel.

Instead, we’re being held hostage - AGAIN - by Gaetz and MTG and Boebert and Jordan.