Making a planetary-scale sandwich




Stolen from Douglas Copeland.


Coupland.. Douglas Coupland.


Just asking for Galactus to show up.


Some of us, when we were kids, imagined kids in China (which we were told was on the exact opposite side of the globe from us) doing the same things we were doing at the same moment.

Thank you, internet, for making it possible for some big kids to go one better.


Obviously they are Galactus Heralds.


I have seen this before.



Who got the idea from Ze Frank.


Stolen or not, the big burger chains could learn a lesson about how this is what a decent hamburger sammich should look like.


You're probably right. Song does pre-date the book, I think.


The only thing that will save us is the fact that Galacticus hates liverwurst, and they made this sandwich with all the liverwurst in the world.


Antipode Map if you want to find two points on land that are not so approximate:


meantime in China kids were learning that the opposite side of the world is south America.


Oh, Man! If I wanted to play this game, the closest sandwich portals are Hawaii/Zimbabwe, or Medicine Hat (Alberta)/Grande Terre (French Southern and Antarctic Lands)

Those Clowns in Auckland/Spain have it so easy!


Iceland and New Zealand? Not really even close to being antipodes (off by some 1000 miles).

Now, New Zealand and Spain, on the other hand...


Blegh! Tastes like hatred and apathy.

Better than the Uranus fajitas I guess.


Take it back; I didn't want tomatoes.


Ze Frank -


Needs less iron.