Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

Yay! When you get the pipes you’ll have to post audio files!


I love bagpipes! Have fun learning!


Stupid lockdown, at least it gave us time to do something.

I am quite satisfied how these front.opening boxes came out, there’s a minimum of cutting involved and they stack easily (the middle one has some unusual pink and black streaked pine planks I was glad to find). Also a holding rack for weights, but I keep not using them anyway… still useful when I have to glue parts together tho.


These all look great!
I’ve been thinking about making a holding rack for my weights (which I also use mainly to hold stuff down, lol). Did you have plans or just kind of wing it?


No plans really. I started with a triangle for holding the larger kettlebell in, then fitted four double hooks on the sides for the smaller dumbbells. It’s all short lengths of beechwood planks, 20cm wide and 18mm thick plus a lot of smaller pieces, held together with a bunch of wood screws so the whole thing doesn’t come apart.
It looks decent enough, the only thing left to do is to actually use the damn things. Ah well.


No pressure, obvs, but if you felt like taking a closer up picture of it with the (or some) weights removed, I’d be much obliged. It might give me some inspiration, and I’m just sure that if only my weights had a nice home instead of sitting on the floor, I would be much more likely to use them. :wink: