Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

I had to drill holes for some threaded inserts for the face board that will go on the outside of the window.

My cheap Wen drill press wasn’t tall enough, then I figured out if you loosen the power head it can be spun to the side making a floor stand drill press. When you can’t afford or don’t have space for the big tools you make it work somehow.

We dry fit the whole thing today fits tight with no holes for bugs or avian flu to slip in. One more day of painting and it’s done. Then no more posts from me until my wife asks for something else.

She was surprised when I emerged from the garage with it, I needed her help to fit it so I couldn’t hide it anymore.


Now I want to do an “outie” one for my cats.


That’s a good idea, basically a removable bay window.

Maybe that’s my next project.


Hey look, I got rewarded with sparkly glitter brownies.


I hope that’s food grade glitter!



This year’s Pinewood Derby entry:


It’s done. I’m pretty pleased and my wife loves me more so win win. Now we wait for visitors.

If it attracts birds I’m thinking about a second one with a much smaller entry hole on the outside, maybe we get a nest and babies.

It’s weather proof, bug proof, and the window still locks.

It can be removed in about a minute from the inside so when we go away we can take it out.

It’s held tight by 4 bolts screwed into threaded inserts. You can see the bolts in the first photo. There is also a board on top that hooks into the window track. It’s pretty air tight.

Of course there is a camera watching, we have bets on who comes first, my money is on the squirrel. You can see the skylight I put in for more light and better photos.

The Cricut helped out again with the stencils.

This is the top board that hooks into the window track on the outside.


cube GIF


I see that camera ready and waiting!


Live feed anywhere?


I bought into Wyze way back when it was a Kickstart project so I have a ton them, they’re great for personal use but too many hoops to jump through to steam to YouTube.

If this sees a lot of activity I’ll get a camera specifically for streaming and play around.


I have a couple of Gen 1 Wyze cams. They’re great, especially the ability to scroll back in time to see stuff. The new ones require a subscription for the same features, that were native-standard. :rage:


You can still get the subscription for free, they have a pay what you want opition and you can select $0. I pay 3 bucks a month for a couple cameras just in case I need security footage, all the others have SD cards installed so I don’t miss anything and there is no limit to recording length.

Of course if someone steals the cameras I’m out of luck but I do have so actual hardwired security cameras with a huge hard drive in a DVR.

The latest Wyze Pan Cams are awesome and weatherproof, I have two outside where they see rain , snow, and all sorts of temperature extremes. They have improved the nigh vision so much that I don’t even use the IR light anymore. For 40 bucks you can’t go wrong.


Success. More photos here.


My cats would go apeshit over that. :joy_cat:


My wife watches all those make over shows, she decided our bathroom needed a make over.

We did the average people make over.

Paint, new drawer/door pulls, switch covers, towel rack, fancy tp holder, and light fixture. About 150 bucks, paint was the most expensive.

We got done and the spot over the sink where there used to be a mirror (we turned the old one sideways) looked naked.

Cricut to the rescue again with stencils.

Now I have to put a new floor down in the other bathroom, we bought the tiles about 7 years ago. She says that’s my project next week while she paints, we’ll see.