Making, Crafting, Creating... aka Whatcha workin' on?

@FloridaManJefe Got the postcard Monday, i think. It’s pretty sweet tbh, i’ll refrain from posting pics for that one :wink:


Will you stain all those little cubbies with brushes, or do you tape it off and spray?

Either way, it looks great right now! Really stellar.


I’m not going to stain anything. it’ll be done by a professional painter.
you can rub stain on with a rag, the tight spaces could probably be done with a brush. I don’t think spraying stain is a thing, but I suppose it all comes down to what the painter prefers.


I just discovered this podcast, which if your into sewing you might find this interesting!

Also, its ATL centric!


Los Angeles area folks:

You may want to check out the Maker Faire near downtown LA tomorrow (Saturday, April 6). See you there!


I have created a virtual exhibition called hometown. I cannot provide links as I am a new user, but it exists out there as a downloadable zip, if you can find it. I will post it here if and when I am allowed to include links.

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This is where you decided to start posting? Then tell us about your creation and why you thought to bring it here, to the behind-the-scenes part of BoingBoing.


I do not wish for this creation to be absorbed by the endlessly corporate channels such as Instagram/TikTok etc, where no doubt it would have “performed” better in terms of numbers. The goal here is to provide a gallery that exists in these lesser known parts of the internet, rather than simply having the work installed in a typical “White Cube” space for instance. Neither is this work intended to be promotional, or some other narcissistic method in which art is shared or created.

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No matter how curious I am, I won’t download a zip file.
Perhaps you should find a less technologically fraught way to share your work.

Star Trek What GIF


I am unable to embed images, but essentially it’s a 3d space you can walk around in. There are 6 paintings displayed around the space, some harder to find than others.

Would like to also edit that I am unable to make any more replies for the next 18 hours as I am a new user, but please do continue to ask questions if you’re curious at all and I’ll do my best to answer them when I am able to

RE: chgoliz’s comment. That’s how the art operates. You don’t have to care. It doesn’t matter if you download it or not.

Why do you come to a space where no one knows you, not introduce yourself in any way, an just expect people to go out of their way to expose themselves to potential digital risk because you tell them to?

Even if this is a legit artistic endeavor, why would any of us care? You still haven’t told us anything.

As you can probably tell, we’re not such easy marks. Probably best to try elsewhere.


The internet can be “dark and full of terrors”, new comrade.

Mere curiosity alone will not temp many in this community into taking insecure actions.


I am now able to reply; I think perhaps my more enigmatic approach ruffled some feathers. I will post screenshots and that will suffice I think.



Oh, I haven’t thought about Second Life in years! Wouldn’t the simulation there be higher quality now, though?


Thank you for sharing that with us, Soup. It’s mostly crafted physical things on this page, though I would not say exclusively. You’re making stuff. Do your thing. Welcome to this enigmatic place.


Everything was a big hit. We even passed out shirts and blankets to the family next to us, they were great people.

The blankets kept everyone warm Saturday and Sunday night.

It was worth every penny we spent getting ready.