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You can use a fabric pincushion to keep track of needles.

Something like ^^this^^ is good because it’s already divided into sections. You just write the needle size on each section (90/10, 70/8, and what type of point -std/ball, etc) so it’s easy to see the type of needle that’s stuck there.


That seems a really good KISS idea. Love it, and feeling stupid I’ve not thought about it. Use such a (self-made) thing for pins and hand sewing needles. But divide and mark, good!


Maybe that’s a thing I’m going to do with the used and bended, broken, whatever needles, thanks.


Pretty socks!




I put them back in the containers they came in, new ones to the left, used but still good ones to the right.

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Cucumbers have nearly finished growing, so I started with sweet pickle relish and some bread and butter pickles. We did 13 cans of whole and/or quartered tomatoes over the weekend. I’ll probably be doing tomato sauce next weekend because it seems like we’re at the point where they almost all turn at the same time. We normally freeze our hot peppers for use over the year, then make hot sauce with the remainders in the fall. That project has to get underway soon. The early peppers ended up in the relish and pickles. And I can’t forget the string beans. They’ve hit their second wind.

Our apple tree has finally reached the age where it can make usable fruit, so next year we will spray so we can use them. We bought a weeping peach this spring, and we could get fruit from it as early as next year. We planted way too many strawberry plants this spring, so I’ll be turning out some jam next summer.


Very cool. We grew bush beans, but ate them almost immediately like the greedy things we are. Our strawberries made lots of leaves but no berries. I wonder if the summer was too intense for them?


Our strawberries didn’t appear to produce any fruit, either, but we have all manner of urban vermin and birds, all of whom seem to get there first. I haven’t had a cherry off our trees in two years either thanks to those greedy bastitches. I don’t know for a fact that we didn’t get flowers after the first bloom though, because I planted the beans with the strawberries, and some cucumbers volunteered in the thickest part of the patch - couldn’t see to the lowest level very well. We’ll be fencing the berries off in chicken wire cages next spring, though, so the fruit will be all for humans. Thinking about sewing two really big nets for the cherry trees, too, well maybe just one for the Bing tree.


I had a little divided container for needles, but now I’ve just been tossing them and using a new needle for each project


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I actually am at the place now where I feel like I tipped over the edge from being mostly messy to being mostly neat. No one in my house has caught the organizing bug or let me organize their stuff, so it’s kind of annoying to have areas where it’s more neat but there is still a cabinet I can’t touch with stuff gurgling out.

I’m starting to get the hang of making the organized stuff look cute, though no one is going to make me the star of any magazines.

I do recommend this, though, if you are one of those people that wants to get your place to where it can stay clean. It is much quicker to put it together to clean now once it gets dirty, and it’s much quicker for me to organize my stuff now that I have all the labels and bins.

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Not a bad idea. We use a 50%-shade cloth over the raspberries, and it does double duty protecting the berries from predation.


Perhaps not directly, but since we do have to clear at least a tiny spot now and then for the elbow-room we need for making and crafting, we have the let’s get this place ship-shape thread. (Thanks, @Clifton!) Please do join us!


Just got a broken one airworthy again:

New prop, reattached tail, new elevator servo and a bit of pushrod bracing. All good to go.


Another potholder done! Front (denim from the last skirt conversion and pieced bits from the stash):

And back:


During the very peak of heat in summer, strawberries can pause sometimes. Do you know whether your strawberry plants are day-neutral or ever-bearing?

Also, berries are heavy feeders. If you have any organic amendments that are purpose-made for roses, I’d start feeding the strawberries with that. They want a slightly acidic soil pH and they want lots of fertility. Phosphorus for blooming please. Nitrogen is mostly for the leaf growth and doesn’t contribute as much to fruiting.


I thought this was cute - my daughter’s been getting into painting recently:

She calls this “The Dangerous World”:

(Most of her paintings are of more cheerful topics, but this one was apparently about the war and suffering in the world)


My son is going to be a Pirate this Halloween, so naturally he needs a talking parrot for his shoulder. I bought this (anatomically suspect) parrot skeleton at a dollar store, and am working on adding the servos from an old wrecked r/c plane to give it head turn and mouth movement. I’ll add a speaker connected to a walkie talkie so that a remote operator can provide both voice and movement.

Eventually it will get feathers too. The boy doesn’t want a creepy skeleton bird.


That sounds really cool. I have a leftover project from last Halloween I didn’t get around to finishing where I will replace a prop raven’s eyes with red LEDs and have them set to randomly glow. Not nearly as ambitious (though it’s really hard to find a prop raven which isn’t made of abomination glued to foam) but creepy bird props are definitely a thing I like.


I was right up there, until you got to that part… how can he NOT want a creepy skeleton bird… Did you not raise him right? :wink: