Man asks Charlie Kirk when he can start killing people who don't think Trump won

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That’s an expertly chosen still on that YouTube video


I was going to say the same thing. It took me a second to make sure it wasn’t a parody account.


Not at all surprising coming from the assholes who helped fund the 1/6 rally in DC.

From Open Secrets:

Turning Point, the other organization that parked funds and helped organize the rally, is best known for its conservative youth engagement efforts and digital operations, which were used to promote the rally.

The operation’s flagship nonprofit organization, Turning Point USA, reported raising more than $39.2 million from undisclosed donors in its most recent tax year spanning from July 2019 through the end of June 2020, according to new tax records obtained by OpenSecrets.

The tax records show how Turning Point’s operation continued to grow in the leadup to the 2020 election and subsequent fallout.

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Turning Point USA brought in $4.3 million and its president, Charlie Kirk, reported earning just $27,231 for 65-hour weeks, according to organizations’ 2016 tax records.

By the 2018-2019 fiscal year, Kirk’s salary grew to $292,423 as its annual revenue rose to $28.5 million, with one $6.2 million anonymous donation and multiple additional contributions over $1 million. Turning Point Action attracted more than $1.1 million from July 2018 through the end of June 2019.

In the 2019-2020 fiscal year, Kirk made more than $329,000 across Turning Point-affiliated organizations.

The scope and reach of Turning Point’s influencer operation also grew during the Trump administration.

“The organization’s digital operations faced media scrutiny in 2020 when social media platforms removed hundreds of accounts run by Rally Forge LLC after reporting found teenagers paid to post thousands of coordinated messages, giving the appearance of organic grassroots support for messages boosting Trump as well as unfounded information about coronavirus, voting and other topics.

Turning Point USA paid about $500,000 to Rally Forge LLC during its most recent fiscal year.

Turning Point USA and Turning Point Action, the 501(c)(4) arm of Turning Point that was officially listed as an organizer on the rally website, collectively paid another $1 million to Rally Forge LLC disclosed in their 2018-2019 tax returns obtained by OpenSecrets.

Turning Point has received more than $1 million from Republican mega-donor Richard Uihlein’s family foundation, including $250,000 in 2019.”


Chucking, eh? Indeed, these levels of evil and hatred make me want to chuck-up…


This imbecile thinks just because we are peaceful that we are weak. That mistake will come back to bite him in the ass, where he keeps his thinking muscle.


Even assuming he actually believes the country is approaching a bloody life-and-death struggle against fascism it seems like a person who didn’t get off on the idea of murdering people would have asked “when do we have to use the guns?”


tenor (2)

edit: or is more one of these? (No offense to our burro buddies)


Furthermore, this is not bravery. When you’re actively and demonstrably seeking pre-emptive genocide, whaddya know? You are the coward.


Needs more @frauenfelder


How much MAGA would a MAGAchuck chuck if a MAGAchuck could chuck MAGA?


Kirk’s response to the question is scarier to me, honestly. He understands how to actually get fascism into the system through judges, school boards, voter suppression, etc, and he knows violence undermines their “cause”. He also knows how to spin that so that his useful idiot followers will tow the line and not sabotage the fascist right’s quest for power.

The flag-waving antivax idiots are the corner boys of this operation. It’s the kingpins we need to worry about. I mean, not to downplay the short term risk of maniacs like that going around and shooting people, of course. I just don’t want us to overlook how scary Kirk’s response was.


“A follow-up question, Mr. Kirk, I thought the whole idea of the second amendment was to protect the public against tyranny. Are you basically saying we never get to use the guns? What the hell did I buy all these guns for?!!”


Completely agree.

And because everything they say has been projection, more or less, it is pretty clear his plan is to keep stoking the flames until there is violence from the left and use it as an excuse to crack down and increase their levels of fascism.

Also, the question after that is just bonkers. “WhY iSn’T tHe MeDiCaL cOmMuNiTy ExPlOrInG oThEr TrEaTmEnTs FoR cOvId??”

Its like these people eat up and regurgitate every little BS notion with no supporting facts because the “truth” is being hid by the “lamestream media”


“But! – and hear me out – give us another few years and we’ll show you.”


I hope you’re right but fear you’re not…


We have seen it and it is called prison.


I hadn’t heard of kirk before reading this but he’s good, calm, rational appearing, and delivers his toxins very well. To people who aren’t informed. Who can’t think critically he would be very easy to follow.
Goebbels could have taken lessons from this guy. He’s far more dangerous than Limbaugh or Alec Jones. Maybe even more effective than the fox news fools. This guy is really scary. He seems to gently call back the “when can I kill the libs” freak. It seems such a reasonable rebuke “not yet good sir” they’re trying yo trick you. Implying that it’s such a normal reaction. Our kids have sort this poison out with no warning labels on the dangers of this kind of fuckery. What and who do we on the left have to counter this? I don’t buy into religion but I do see this as pure sweet evil made very well. Here kids, try this, it’s so delicious and good for you too. Holy shit, this is scary.


Also, just the idea that he has to ask where the line is. He doesn’t know! He’s willing to cross any line whenever Kirk (or any authority figure) tells him “OK! We’ve been through enough! Cross it!” It’s fully January 6 territory. All you have to do is rile/wind them up and they’ll do whatever you want. They have no self-will. They don’t necessarily see a line between “not committing murder” and “committing murder.” They will commit murder. All you have to do is tell them to commit murder.

“Landru, guide us!”
[Off-topic: It would be very cool to go to Trump rally dressed up in full Return of the Archons cosplay, asking people if they were “of the body” and chanting Landru! at appropriate times in the call/response of the speeches.]


“Yeah, Mr Kirk, I’m actually starting to feel bad about these cattle trucks, you know?”
“Don’t worry about that. You haven’t crossed the line yet. I’ll be sure to tell you if you do.”