Manhattan DA served Google with a "reverse search warrant" in a bid to prosecute antifa protesters

Especially when some of them are actually Trumpists there to cause trouble.

The lone arrest came about halfway through the rally. Brandon Alan Howard, 33, who goes by “Brian Fife” on Facebook was arrested by EPD and charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct after he was witnessed harassing counter-protesters. EPD said in a press release that Howard was found to have a wrench taped to his arm.

Howard’s online presence indicates he is a Trump supporter, but he was dressed like Antifa during the rally. Sometimes referred to as using “black-bloc” tactics, Antifa typically dresses in all black and will cover their faces with scarves, hoods and sunglasses. After the event, rally organizer Andrew Allwander referenced Antifa violence, and claimed online that Antifa had tried to punch rally-goers, seemingly referring to Howard.

Allwander also claims Howard harassed rally-goers. Eugene Weekly , however, witnessed Howard mingling peaceably amongst the group, even partially removing his mask when talking to some of them. When EW asked about the conversation, rally-goers responded only that Howard was “undercover.”


“Some of them.” Implying there is a vast conspiracy to plant right-wingers in Antifa. Okay. I believe that. The American people believe it.

ONE arrest. Come on. That doesn’t ignore months and months of violence in Portland. You are being intentionally obtuse.

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I agree we should leave out the other details.

I specifically responded to the idea that Antifa only attacks white supremacists, so it is fine.

Are you saying Andy Ngo’s beating, however justified you find it, is okay as a casualty in the white supremacist war? You aren’t saying he is a white supremacist, but you are, through your links, implying that he is an acceptable casualty. He isn’t far-right, but his ideas are still so onerous that he deserves physical punishment. If so, I don’t want to be anywhere NEAR you if things actually go south. You are suggesting a citizen journalist deserves to be beaten. That is anarchy. It is what I am speaking up against. Full stop.

We have other means. If we don’t use them, we are horrible people.


i love this so much. one person hurt in the most recent of counter protests and the whole world goes mad.

people were actually killed in portland by a proud boys “free speech” affiliated white supremacist.

not to mention outstanding warrants against proud boy members that the police have done nothing about.

not to mention them carrying a cache of guns to protests to play at being snipers.

not to mention direct coordination with the police, despite them breaking multiple laws

but, yeah. one guy got injured. so let’s focus on that.


Your entire history on the BBS on this subject is you being obtuse. Have you ever tried to talk to the far right, as you keep suggesting? It doesn’t work, especially if you are in one the groups that they want purged from society.

I have had years of experience of both the far right and antifa (Yes, I knew about antifa during the Bush years). Only one group has threatened me with violence, and it wasn’t antifa. In fact the fascists beat me in a street in daylight, just for being transgender. I was deliberately ignoring them and walking on the other side of the road for fucks sake. Antifa have never had a problem with me, they even accepted that I would not be a good person to fight alongside them and advised me on other ways to fight fascism.

I do not want to raise a fist against anyone, but the far-right have taught me that is just a fantasy. Pacificism makes more sense than pacifism.

Do you also consider the American Iron Front to be antifa too? That’s for antifascist liberals and centrists with a spine, who wouldn’t fit in with the left wing politics of antifa.


Is Andy Ngo your Horst Wessel?
Maybe you are horrible people.


so… an unconstitutional act by the authorities, then.
" Amendment IV

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

i mean, COME ON.


He didn’t claim there was concrete, it was a police officer who tweeted that they had heard rumours ppl might be planning on using concrete. This was mentioned in the very vox article you posted.

I don’t think much of Ngo, his article on Islamic England was hilariously ignorant. Americans with ignorant views on Europe aren’t limited to conservatives though. Attempts to smear him as a far-right activist are bulshit, he’s a moderate conservative at worst, seems pretty liberal on many issues, there’s no excuse for what happened to him.

Antifa are scum, the fact that their current US incarnation is not as bad, for the moment at least, as the far right in America isn’t particularly reassuring. And if the history of the movement is anything to go by, things could get a lot worse (e.g. the antifa run by the German Communist party in 30s played a big role in helping the Nazis come to power, both by helping sway public opinion for the Nazis, and by directly opposing the SPD - radicals opposing centrists and liberals today is just as big a threat as it was back then), also see their links to criminal and terrorist activity in latter half of the 20th century across Europe.

Radical socialism and anarchism are just as intellectually and morally bankrupt as Nazism and fascism, with a far greater body count on the side of the socialists to boot (anarchists seem to be pretty useless at least, so I guess they’re less of a threat). They all need to be resisted equally.

That is a mighty broad brush you are painting “anti-fascists” with. Status quo centrist is it then? how’s that working out?


It’s really not. antifa like to say it simply means ‘opposition to fascism’, but that’s complete bullshit and everyone knows it. maybe if you don’t want to be associated with Stalinists you shouldn’t use their logo and the name of the organisation they set up?

nope. just liberalism, which is very far from the status quo today.

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(Some) crisp packets will do the job too. Less durable but much cheaper assuming you’d eat the snacks anyway:

I like that the Telegraph calls it an elaborate “Faraday Cage”.

Yup, wrapping an empty crisp packet around your phone is pretty elaborate…


How we got to Portland in a discussion about Manhattan was very interesting. I learned things I had no idea about: Andy Ngo is the “Uncle Ruckus” of Portland, The Manhattan DA apparently has nothing better to do and Dustin_Dopps didn’t do his research.


I’d like to remind people that the Alt-Right - and I’m talking Nazis here - want to kill entire groups of people. The Antifa want to prevent them from doing this. From the point of view of the UK it seems as if there is a concerted effort to smear Antifa - as witness the main article here. I’d also point out that in the American context, Ngo may be “a moderate conservative” but from a European point of view he is far right - and a legitimate target for antifa.


it’s also worth reminding people that the political groups supported by antifa have historically wanted to kill entire groups of people as well, they also succeeded in doing so quite well.

antifa’s actions and history do more than enough to smear them as is, they don’t need help from anyone else.

no, from a European point of view he is still a moderate conservative as far as I can tell (he’d probably feel at home in many of the mainstream centre-right parties throughout Europe), very far from any reasonable definition of far-right. I’d be interested to learn what specific far-right ideas you think he holds, and evidence to back that up. ‘legitimate target’ is the kind of language used by terrorists btw, maybe stop doing that if you want people to not think you’re terrorists? rejecting radical leftist political aims and tactics is not enough to make someone a ‘legitimate target’ for violent assault, you’re engaging in incitement to violence and it’s a shitty thing to do.

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This is actually part of their mission: to be the lightning rod that draws ire from the fascists. Running interference, you could say. Be the visible target so that other antifascist efforts can continue with less impediment.


You misread my comment. The details are important, even if Ngo isn’t a white supremacist but rather an enabler of white supremacists. You implied that he was merely a gay Asian journalist attacked by antifa. I provided additional details on him and the incident that you left out.

It seems you can’t help yourself from engaging in bad faith despite the fact that I answered your question in advance:

There is nothing unclear about this. I’m done with you here and, since you now detract from the value of the BBS for me, am putting you on Ignore. Buh-bye.


In my view, yes. It’s what they used to call a “fishing expedition” back before CCTVs were everywhere and people voluntarily carried items that could be used as tracking devices.


Oh really? Perhaps you can quote me some examples. “Political groups supported by Antifa”? Antifa is a stand-alone movement. Other groups may support Antifa, but Antifa does not “support other movements”.


Re-checking the article, you’re correct. I’ve edited above accordingly.

I wonder if that’s the same cop who’s all buddy-buddy with Joey Gibson.

From his Wiki entry, he sounds little better than James O’Keefe

He graduated from UCLA in 2009 with a graphic design degree, but found it hard to find a job, so he had period of unemployment and worked as a photographer at a used car dealership and in various minimum wage jobs.


In 2015, Ngo began graduate studies in political science at Portland State University (PSU), with research interests in secularism and political Islam.


Ngo is a writer and an editor at Quillette.] In May 2017, Ngo began an outreach internship with the Center for Inquiry, a nonprofit humanist educational organization. Joseph Bernstein from BuzzFeed News states that “Ngo’s work is probably best described as media activism”, part a “new generation” of “busybody” journalists and that he engages in “participant reporting”. Max Read cites Ngo as an example of “busybody journalism” and distinguishes it from experiential journalism by its opposition to journalistic institutions and processes such as fact-checking.

Ngo first drew national attention in 2017 when he was fired from the Portland State University (PSU) student newspaper The Vanguard. His dismissal as multimedia editor was in reaction to a Breitbart News report that Ngo had tweeted on his personal account a video clip of a Muslim student on an interfaith panel stating that in some Muslim countries, the punishment for apostasy is death or banishment. While not reporting for The Vanguard at the time, his tweet paraphrased the Muslim student’s remark in a way the newspaper’s student editor considered to be “a half-truth”, and inciting a reaction. Colleen Leary, Vanguard’s editor, also disputed Ngo’s claim that the dismissal was motivated by previous campus controversies over Ngo’s work. Ngo would later write an op-ed for the National Review titled “Fired for Reporting the Truth”. He also engaged in online discussions about the incident and on the pro-Drumpf subreddit /r/The Donald he called the firing part of a “trend towards self-censorship in the name of political correctness”

He’s an opportunist who stumbled into a gig that tacitly supports the fascists. Yet another kapo pundit like Ben Shapiro who’s making money enabling, downplaying, and making excuses for the alt-right.

That’s your opinion. As I noted elsewhere, I’ve observed a solid amount of movement discipline and haven’t seen them starting fistfights despite the entryism of anarkiddies. As @fnordius describes above, they’re being a lot smarter about their tactics and don’t seem to be opposed to liberals and progressives who actively oppose fascists.

I addressed this above:

See, for example, the cop I mentioned above. But that’s to be expected. What’s been particularly shameful is that, rather than seeing this threat, a lot of self-described Libertarians are supporting the false narrative that antifa are initiating bloody assaults like Rotfront often did in the 1920s and early '30s (and like the fascists did then and now) instead of acting in self-defense. I just hope that the modern antifa doesn’t fall for that BS again.


Would this really hold up in court? I mean “phone records show you were in the area” doesn’t mean you did anything illegal while you were there. You could say you were just watching the stuff happen.