Manhattan DA served Google with a "reverse search warrant" in a bid to prosecute antifa protesters

The right don’t need ANTIFA in order to act persecuted when people resist their violence.


Once the street brawls start, the capitalist political and media establishment will always create a both-sides situation where the leftists are “just as bad” as the fascists. The real problems occur when the leftists start buying into that characterisation, too, and begin initiating the fights in the same way the Nazis had all along. Eventually, it becomes “we have to support the Nazi thugs to counter the Commie ones” from the establishment, with the depressingly predictable result we’re all familiar with.

Fortunately (and to my pleasant surprise, given that it tends to attract anarkiddies), the antifa movement hasn’t fallen into the trap that Rotfont did in the 1920s and early 30s. They don’t throw the first punch, and I haven’t seen a whole lot of WTO-style pointless vandalism, either. Whoever wrote the current playbook for the movement has studied movement discipline and history and isn’t going to give the “respectable centre” a chance to make them into thugs on par with the Proud Boys and other far-right arseholes.


I really have no idea why you are being antagonistic. I can only assume you have a dog in this fight. You don’t refute anything I’ve said or answer my points with facts, you just respond with snark. So I will gracefully bow out and let you have the last word. You can even leave two or three more snarky replies if you feel so inclined.


Hate that, I have to turn screws or something. Do look up “Faraday Cage” in the wikipedia, or take my word for it that a couple of layers of aluminum foil, with care that there are no gaps at all in the wrapping, is guaranteed to separate your phone from any outside electromagnetics.


Works as a helmet too I understand


Yep. There’s a definite strain of crust punk in PNW that has the mindset and would definitely do everything you’ve described. Back in the 90s and early 00s, they did the same thing within the punk scene. Can’t remember if they described themselves as cancer or AIDS, but they legit referred to themselves as a pathogen within the scene that would just fuck with people for the sake of it, no excuse needed.

I think there will always be damaged people like this in any fringe group, because damaged people always collect among the edges.


There are also a wide variety of device-sized “faraday bags” for sale online, if you want something a little more durable than foil.


Anyone care to explain what a reverse search warrant is?


Well thanks for your vote of confidence.

You do realize a cell phone that can’t reach a tower runs at higher power and drains the battery?

Look up Faraday cage on wikipedia. JFC.



Cell Phones: If you haven’t pulled the battery, it’s not off.

Using a burner smart phone won’t really work, because it’s still tied to your Google account; you’d have to have the smart phone bought in cash without video of you purchasing it and a google account unlinked to your identity, that you never turn on when you are near your house or anywhere where you hang out, nor in your car while it’s in range of a camera. Also, photos of your face would make it easy to be cross-identified. And even then, it’s scary how good Google is at linking identities…

I might humbly suggest a FB radio and a cheap stand-alone camera. But this won’t be able to live-stream.

(Also, I can’t believe that I live in a world where the government is saying that the Anti-Fascists are the bad guys…)


You yourself cited no sources for your assertions.


Doesn’t have to be. But a good point.


You’re being ridiculous. The problems with Antifa in Portland are well-documented. There is an anticipated clash coming this Saturday, in fact. Our city leaders are talking about banning masks in public, about bringing in the National Guard, etc.

I’m interested in the topic because it is happening in my city. So I’ve watched the videos recorded by both sides. I’ve read the articles from both points of view (and the middle point of view too). I don’t have to prove my knowledge to you or to anyone else, but I do encourage you to do a Google video search of “antifa violence.” Try it. Or search for Andy Ngo, then try to teach me about how a gay Asian man is a white supremacist, so he deserved to be beaten.


(I won’t be replying to you again, because you clearly have no interest in an actual discussion. Have fun saying whatever you want.)

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A normal warrant specifies what they’re searching for, like a named suspect or a murder weapon.


Can we get back on the topic of the one sided use of the reverse warrant? Granted, I admit to going with the tangent of phone surveilance.


Careful, if you’re not neutral between fascism and not-fascism they’ll say “you have a dog in this fight.”


He’s not a white supremacist, true. More of an opportunistic kapo from what I’ve read. He isn’t some random gay journalist who got caught up in the violence, but a right-wing activist (I hestitate to call him a journalist given his disdain for facts) who’s well known to both the fascists and the antifa in Portland and who was definitely targetted by the antifa for a milkshaking (sans concrete, [ETA] despite his not denying claims that it contained it) and egging at that protest.

Anticipating your response, this does not mean that the additional brutal beating he received (by suspects still unknown) was justified or excusable, just that you’re leaving out a lot of relevant information from your portrayal of him.

For those interested, here’s a short summary from one of the first articles that comes up about the incident.

The publication where Ngo is an editor, Quillette, is widely seen as a major hub of the “intellectual dark web” — a loose collection of anti-political correctness, anti-identity politics, anti-left media figures and reporters. Ngo is the closest thing the intellectual dark web has to a gonzo journalist, someone who goes into allegedly hostile places and documents them for his more than 200,000 Twitter followers to illustrate that the IDW is right about the threat from multiculturalism and the left.

Last year, for example, Ngo went to the UK to chronicle the supposed threat the rising Muslim population posed to British society. The resulting article, “A Visit to Islamic England,” claimed England was being quietly conquered by fundamentalist Islam.

The piece was shredded by actual Brits. Most amusingly, Ngo presented a London sign reading “alcohol restricted zone” as evidence of Islamic dominance in the Whitechapel neighborhood; it was actually a public safety ordinance designed to discourage public acts of drunkenness from patrons of nearby pubs, bars, and strip clubs.

Ngo’s coverage of left-wing protesters is similarly ideological. He views left-wing activists, like Muslim immigrants to the West, as a threat to free and open societies. His reporting plays up acts of vandalism, violence, and hostility to free speech without a comparable focus on the much more frequent and deadly actions of right-wing extremists.


Rather than a standard warrant to search a location already associated with a known suspect or person of interest, it’s a warrant to search a location (via historical data from cell phone providers or tech companies) to determine the identities of unknown suspects who were there at the time and place of the incident.


ANTIFA body count since inception: -1 More a danger to themselves than others

Trump loving Neo-Nazi body count in 2018: 100+