Maskless woman won't let other shoppers pass her in a grocery store aisle

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This is when using Lysol as mace is perfectly reasonable.


This lady thinks she is the ultimate arbiter.

Sorry lady, I have no pressing engagements, and I’ll grab a Coke and a bag of chips and plonk myself down right where I am and wait you out. I’ll bet I win.


I have a little day dream regarding how my long dear departed Mother would handle someone like that, 5 foot tall & maybe 100 lbs., that Karen would be moved old school style like.


I still say the way to handle this kind of person is to gather mops from the cleaning supplies aisle and use them as thief-catchers to move the offending person out of the store while maintaining social distancing.


But with much more head snapping and stomping, my sister-in-law.


With a match, it becomes a blowtorch. :smiling_imp:


There’s enough space on the left, simply go past, shoving her cart out of the way. You don’t have a legitimate gripe until you’ve done everything you reasonably can to alleviate the situation. No N95 or the like mask = you haven’t done enough, you don’t get to dictate anything to me.


Great, now I want a victory pastry.


Why should she control the Overton Window?



Don’t make me play Ludacris on ya.


Oh man, this totally happened to me last year. Our local Chinese place (which is bangin!) had to close down for a few months due to supply chain issues at the beginning of the pandemic. The weekend they finally reopened, they had two signs clearly stating a) call your order in and we’ll give you an order number and b) only one person in the lobby when your number has been called. There were about 8 people queued up at the door. The owner Tina recognized me and waved me in to pick up my order (because I waited the amount of time she told me instead of standing in the cold griping about how long it would take). When I left, I was followed to my car and chastised for cutting off the whole line. I politely told her that the owner told me to come in because my order was ready and that she would get her order when it was ready just like everyone else. She didn’t seem to comprehend and continued to berate me until I drove away with a “You’re fucking crazy” parting gift. This was just before everyone really started losing their minds about June/July 2020, so thankfully she didn’t end up assaulting me, but it was my first glimpse of what was to come.

Of course the next asshole confrontation there was based on racist “dog meat” bullshit which I won’t get into here. People love to complain about food that they’re too lazy to prepare themselves, especially if it’s prepared by hard working Americans that don’t look like they “belong”.


I watched the whole thing, and NOBODY went down the next aisle, came up on her other side, got what they needed, and continued advancing? So, if she goes to block that person, the first person goes and gets what they want and coordinates with the other players moving in and out, so she gets moved around like a piece on a board…


Or… you know… people had shit to do, and didn’t have time to plan out a complicated coordinated plan of action with a bunch of strangers in the middle of the pandemic? I mean, she might have the time to make an ass of herself, but maybe everyone else there just wanted to get done what they needed to get done, and she should just stop being a dick to everyone else who is just trying to get through their fucking day at the end of a very couple of very long years…

This shit isn’t a game, and it’s not fun for most of us. Most of us are sick of having to deal with people like that and just want them to stop doing stupid shit that makes everyone else’s life around them far more difficult.


assuming that for some reason this Karen can’t wear a mask

Why would you assume that? She’s walking, she’s talking, she can wear a mask. She’s just (like most people of her ilk) a selfish git. I know we don’t like speculating about mental health on this forum, but it certainly appears that her thought processes are not working correctly. Maybe she should use the curbside option. Save everyone the anguish.


Christ, what an asshole. I mean Jesus, lady, you can wear a mask, and even keeping people at ten feet distance without a mask ain’t going to offer you much protection. In an area with proper airflow, maybe, but not a grocery store.

I’m concerned that no one else seemed to be wearing a mask either, but I guess that’s just the case in much of the country right now… I don’t know what’s wrong with people.


It could have been worse. She could have been unvaccinated. And, yeah, if she’s so concerned, why isn’t she wearing a mask?

But anyway, tbh, once you realize shes a head case, why waste 15 minutes, why not just go around? (Unless you know you are going to post it online, but why?)


When I was a kid, I loved the bumper cars.


Yup, looks just like the grocery store during the ducking holidays.