Mayor shares surveillance video of ghost attacking one of his security guards

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…and then a bunch of hippies and their dog drove into town


I’m guess that the culprit will turn out to be the Mayor himself.



It seems to my eyes that the guard is quite deliberately propelling himself with muscular effort when he’s “shoved” by the mysterious force, especially when he’s on the ground (though I suppose he could be trying to back away from it). Not really sure what the motivation behind it could be, though.


More convincing than those US military videos of UFO:s, at least.


Interesting, I wonder what exactly is going on here?


My thoughts, too.

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Assuming it was actually a ghost, for a minute, in order to understand God a bit more. Either:

  1. God sent the ghost.
  2. God did not send the ghost, was aware of it, but allowed it to happen.
  3. God did not send the ghost, and was unaware of it.

Asking for God’s protection won’t work if 1 or 2 are true, since the ghost was either an agent of God or God decided not to stop it. If number 3 is true, then God is not omniscient, and almost certainly not omnipotent, and so might not be able to hear prayer or to effectively answer it.


“Visit Columbia, the most hauntedest place on Earth!” – Columbia Tourist Bureau


Funny thing with videos of ghosts…

Hard to capture something that isn’t visible.

One of the tenets of science is falsifiability, and a subset of that is being able to directly test a phenomenon. This is video of a phenomenon. We can watch it, we can go hmmm, but evaluating it past that is difficult.

All I see is a video of a man flailing about.


It looks to me like the guy was hoping for a few days vacation from work after being injured by an attacker. But once he realized his actions were recorded, he had to quickly come up with the ghost story.


Security guard doesn’t know where cameras are placed? Caught trying to commit some sort of fraud?


Tik Tok will be all like " I do not claim the negative energy from this video"…what does that even mean exactly??

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i’ll buy that

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“I want to give everyone a part of peace of mind and know that in the company of the bishop and other religious leaders, we will bring the blessing of God to every corner of this workspace,” Morales posted . “We ask respect and a union in prayer, and we assure you that nothing will be able to steal our peace and tranquility because we are protected by the hand of our Lord.”

What exactly does this mean? He’s going to have the place exorcised?

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My favorite song about ghosts.

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Me gusta mucho como el alcalde habla Spanish, but I’d like to see the ghost and not only the fella jumping around. Ah well, I suppose one can ask only so much.
But I was hoping for a glimpse of the ghost bike at least.

Can we get to see the local bishop (obispo) on one of these? The angelic version of course.

He had an appointment to duel his arch enemy, but was ghosted.



I like how the surveillance camera feed is presented by aiming a camera at it from an oblique angle instead of cutting in the actual video, straight off the tape.