Medieval reenactor spears drone from the sky


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The drone slayer. Drones are watching us everywhere, so sing along, kids:


Not fully period. The people around the spear-thrower are looking up and smiling instead of running in horror from that big weird bird.


did he shoot down an angel or a daemon?

I was not surprised.


historically accurate


I wonder what the drone laws are in Russia, i know if this had happened in the US the reenactor would be liable for any damages done to the drone.


Good on ya! Those things are really annoying if you’re actually using your own eyes to look around you, and your feet to move about. I was down the shore a few weeks back on a nice day and the boardwalk was crowded and cheery and all. And then some dronehole started buzzing the scene. I wished I had a Russian Reenact-er at the ready.


Is Russia the Florida of Europe?


Recent evidence points to Sweden…
Watch two idiot criminals burglarize a watch store in Sweden - boing - Boing Boing BBS


I knew this would happen, really.


I’d say Russia by far is more nutty than Sweden. That story seems pretty tame than the shit that goes down in Russia.


Russia is Russia. Florida isn’t even remotely in the same league.


I wonder if, like Florida and their transparency laws, Russia seems similarly terrible because of dashcams. I mean, it’s terrible for other reasons, as with Florida, but there’s deep-seated crazy everywhere.


Isn’t the warmth and satisfaction of discovering that The Terrifying Unknown may be beyond our comprehension; but not immune to our weapons, probably one of the earliest and most authentically human joy-sources?


As far as I can tell, Russian society is run entirely by people with severe ADHD. Do exactly what your impulses tell you immediately, don’t worry about the consequences, and have a good time.

At least, that’s what the YT channel Meanwhile In Russia has taught me.


I generally roll my eyes at the people who freak out any time they see an R/C helicopter, but this is both funny and appropriate. GOOD ROLEPLAY GUYS


That chap must have had tremendous confidence in his aim. Not to mention - should he have missed - a clear view of any folk wandering randomly on the ground beyond.



QED, sir.


Did you not hear all the hubbub surrounding the “gentleman” who shot a neighbor’s drone down with a shotgun in the US? The shooter was cleared of all wrong and was only out the cost of his shotgun shell.