Melania Trump slaps away husband's short, vulgar fingers


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Her instincts are better than his. That would have been an inappropriate moment for a public display of affection.


That was my guess too. She remembered her training and he was just being needy.


Or in this case a public awkward simulation of affection.


Out of context it’s kinda sad. Here’s this elderly, doddering man who just wants to hold his wife’s hand. No wonder he shouts at things.


I wondered if it was a cultural/respect kind of thing–but who is the other couple? Because the two people beside the president are holding hands.


I think it’s Bibi Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel… Probably safe to follow his lead in this situation (not so much in others).


Seems to me she just wants nothing physical to do with him, which would explain why she lives in a separate state.


Ha! I can’t see their faces well enough here to make a guess and I’m on a self-imposed tv news blackout so my blood pressure stays under control.


Why didn’t he just move on her like a bitch?


He’s famous, yet she didn’t let him do it. Astounding.


I don’t want to hold hands with him either.


I am torn between these two thoughts in her head:

“Why start holding my hand now?”

“Be a big boy, the Israelis won’t hurt you.”


Maybe he was out of tic tacs?


At least it wasn’t as embarrassing as that time on the Jakku visit when she actually had to shout at him to “Stop taking my hand!”





(But seriously – how come that’s Rei’s line? I’ll bet Luke’s been itching to say it for years.)


She doesn’t know where his hands have been.


Maybe he thought she was three feet closer than she was.


I wonder if there’s history and slapping his hand away thwarted some other unseemly (worse) behavior. (Senility?)


Or she DID know.


I figure she’s slapping it away so she doesn’t have a stray hand in the picture when she crops it for her Tinder profile.