Melania's 2018 White House holiday decor includes blood-red trees and a 'Be Best' pencil wreath


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No one does “unsettling otherworldly White House Christmas decor” like Melania.

Protip: if she ever offers you some Turkish Delight candy on your White House visit you should politely decline.


Turkish Delight is fake news anyway…


Human veal trees. Dyed with the blood of milk fed babies.


I’m on record as liking the decorations for last year. This year? Those trees are horrific.


Turkish delight is fantastic, don’t drag them into this.




Resident. Evil.


Don’t forget that there is an “illegal alien” inside each blood red tree quietly humming Feliz Navidad…for the chuckles, you know.


That video was fine. Not my style, but I didn’t find anything unsettling about it (though I haven’t watched the show yet). Are people hating on this just because it’s Melania?


I’d like to say “horror movie edit in 321,” but i’m not convinced this isn’t that. the music, the model dissociated from and yet presiding over the horrific tableau, the prosaically surreal vision of christmas, this seems to have it all, ech.


Given whom she chose to marry, it’s really no surprise that she has such terrible taste.


I’m a graphic designer; I abhor bad design/aesthetic no matter who spawned it.

And the current FLOTUS’ ‘design sense,’ at least when it comes Xmas decor, is god-awful.


I’m hating on it because the parts of it that aren’t crass and poorly conceived are ghastly displays of ostentatiousness and waste. :woman_shrugging:



Um, yeah, I see the resemblance.


Damn, that’s a cold-ass burn


That’s the third reference to serial killers I’ve happened across today. I’m glad I’m not superstitious. :eyes:


In reference to 45 and his admin?


Creepy aesthetics aside, her “Be Best” anti-bullying campaign is a straight-up punchline in light of her own husband’s continued online behavior. Making that campaign the literal centerpiece of her holiday decor is begging for ridicule.