Merck CEO resigns from presidential council over Trump's refusal to condemn white supremacists


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Points for Ken Frazier, regardless if it was personal conscience or the smarts to judge how the PR wind is blowing.


Trump, what an arsehole.


Another classy statement from Trump


I see that Trump has suddenly remembered how to tweet!


By the end of 45’s term as POTUS, he will in fact have accomplished something no one will have ever thought possible:
He will have united the american people on the same side as big pharma, the airline industry, north korea, and the media.


That was the word I was looking for. He’s a real aristocrat.


What’s that logical fallacy where historians mistakenly interpret the ingredients that led to change as being the only ones that could have brought about a particular change? Well, in any case, please let not future historians interpret the clash of an unhinged, racist clown-president and a PR-savvy uber-rich executive as the only way Americans could have gotten government action on pharma profiteering…


Good for him! I hope others follow his example.


I feel like we’re all just passengers on a bus with a very drunk person behind the wheel.


It’s really amazing how completely terrible Trump has been on this issue – among all the others. It’s like he’s such a hollow void of morality that he can’t even fake the expected behavior.



I know it should not be possible to be surprised by what a weak, childish, POS this republican “president” is, but somehow, daily, I am.

This seems over the line in a more legal sense too, he should be sued by Merck for defamation and tortious interference with trade.


I’m no fan of drug companies, but this is flabbergasting. Was Merck facing boycotts, etc for having their CEO on that board? Are there efforts out there to boycott other CEO’s on this (and other) presidential boards? Is it even possible to boycott a drug company?

I’m inclined to believe that this drug company CEO may actually be acting out of personal conscience here.


Not buying it. Frazier knew like we all do that trump was a racist prick from day 01. Frazier quitting the council now seems to be more of a PR stunt to insulate his company culture. Merk & Co. have MUCH to gain in upcoming tax reform efforts and would be silly to walk away from trump now.

Note: Company first.


Wait, wait…

Now that Ken Frazier of Merck Pharma has resigned from President’s Manufacturing Council,he will have more time to LOWER RIPOFF DRUG PRICES!

Isn’t lowering prices a good thing? You’re doin it wrong, Mr. Popular Vote Loser.


I find it dubious to cast aspersions on Frazier’s intentions just because he put “As CEO” before “as a matter of personal conscience”.


Understood. Something just doesn’t ‘smell’ right to me. Will be watching to see how it plays out during tax reform efforts whether or not Mr Frazier comes back into the fold.


I can buy that. any time a CEO says something I take it with a grain of salt. At least on face value, this is a good look I’d say. Hopefully it proves to be more than an opportunistic moment.


Company first is right. His duty as CEO is to take a stand on behalf of Merck. Taking a “personal stand,” in this case, would be cowardly and weak. Instead, he put his career on the line, and the company’s capital as well.


From Merk & Co’s. Code of Conduct

"Respect For People
Our ability to excel depends
on the integrity, knowledge,
imagination, skill, diversity, safety
and teamwork of our employees. To this
end, we work to create an environment of
mutual respect, inclusion and accountability. We
reward commitment and performance, and are
responsive to the needs of our employees and
their families. "

I sincerely hope that Mr. Frazier is true to his action today.