Metallica covers Prince's 'When Doves Cry,' unfortunately

We Minnesotans are currently trying to pass a bill that would make singing a Prince song a requisite for state entry. #BuildThePurpleWall

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Are you sure Minnesota can handle my version of “With This Tear”?

Hello from Detroit! I’ve never been to a concert here, including that time Prince came around, where any of the acts felt even a little compelled to cover an Aretha tune.

Back when I lived in Minneapolis, I saw as many shows as I could at First Avenue, and even given the owner of the venue (I’ll give you a hint: he wore a lot of purple), no one felt the compulsion to cover a Prince song. (This was just prior to his being legally known as a symbol because some jerkwad spaghetti company thought it possible for someone, somewhere on this planet could be confused between His Royal Badness and some crappy dry pasta.)

@Melizmatic: I didn’t think it possible to slow that song down more, but you’re right, it does work.

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Yes, I heard “…justice for Jason”. It was interesting, but for me a bit too much the other way. Too much bass.

I recall an interview with the guy who mixed the original album. He had another gig to go work on straight away. He expressed regret that he hadn’t instead been able to just take a week by himself and mix another version done more properly, and play that for the band to change their minds.

My favorite interview question for band members is “what song would you love to cover?”

I like covers a lot. I’ve worked in cover bands, and sometimes we personalized songs. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it was a train wreck. (I blame the bass players.) But Metallica should not do covers. They suck at it.

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Totally not a fan of Metallica for the last 15-10 years but they have done great covers. The most well known (that i personally know) is Turn the Page but a quick Google search shows that they’ve done other good covers. That being said they should stick to covers their style complements and the Prince cover they did is a crime against humanity.

I can’t explain why, but I don’t like it.

Maybe it was seeing Bob Seger live.


That is an extremely niche in joke for extremely niche knowledge of extremely niche metal, paired with cult nerdgasm show. IT Crowd wins over Big Bang Theory every day.

Fantastic, this one. Noel Fielding claps for you in his server closet.

I love black metal unironically and despite the murders, I love Varg’s music but hate his beliefs. And I fucking love the IT Crowd. Its not metal enough unless its recorded with a potato :wink:

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Also, have you seen this?

I love this show.


I’m not talking about the distant past. I’m talking about the time since Aretha’s and Prince’s deaths. YouTube is littered with examples of this recent phenomenon. This ham-fisted cover is just e most recent example.

Yeah, after hearing this cover I cannot, in good conscience, support such legislation.

This is hilarious, and you are wonderful for sharing it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Perhaps I’m an anomaly. Im a big bearded bald guy, and I love metal, the more brutal the better. But I’m extremely progressive politically, normally gentle, and outside of blood and booze soaked moshpits, I’m not scary at all. But if I see nazis in my pit, I’m kicking their ass.

I get the hyper niche-ity of black metal and how people are making new forms, but it is kind of hilarious. I think its due to people who like extremes finding the preverbial edge of the world in metal too often, extreme has been found too many times in too many now conventional ways that it probably leads naturally to this sort of thing, which in turn leads to inevitable caricatures.

I skipped to harsh noise years ago for the frontier of weird, and thats still holding, but I wonder what will come next. Jumping the shark is hard to do nowadaysn but everyone’s trying.


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