Metallica covers Prince's 'When Doves Cry,' unfortunately

100% agreed. They really should release “Justice” properly mastered too.

That’s great. Never heard of her before. Going to go look for more. Especially if there’s a studio version of this cover.

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Personally, I’d like to hear Kiss cover ‘Kiss’.

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I actually slightly prefer the spotify version, which is a studio version. But i don’t know whether it’s available outside that service.

Well Spotify will never darken my machine again, but Google may be my friend, later on.

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Now we know why doves cry.


Kill ‘em All, Ride the Lightning, and Master of Puppets are metal canon, anyone saying otherwise is wrong.
and justice… for Jason is at least an attempt to improve the awful production of the original album.

One last thing:
This cover is bad. Really bad. Epically so. Amazingly so, considering that Metallica’s practice habits are legendarily brutal. But it could’ve been worse: mercifully, Lars went off stage…


Yeah… neither that cover nor this one works.

Appreciation among fellow artists is cool and all, but please be able to do the original version justice, or just don’t attempt it at all.

Speaking of Creep, and doing the original justice:

It’s acoustic and the tempo has been slowed down, but it works.


You are correct. They are one of the big 4 that popularized metal to common genre in moderner times.

Any metalhead knows those albums, and the black album, are metal canon. And they also know everything after that is atrociously bad, and not even approaching their old style.

I personally am a huge metalhead, and the most mainstream stuff I still like is Slayer. Just saw their last tour a few months ago- they still destroyed.

Check out Decapitated, Melechesh, Nile, Burzum, Carpathian Forest, Death, Morbid Angel.


No offense but that was awful. They need to stick to their music because they definitely can’t sing Prince’s music.

And what it sounds like.

Time for my favorite hating-on-covers topic: the Unnecessary Cover Sieve!

Some covers are good, because they bring something distinctive and enjoyable to the original or are very canny about moving it to a genre that especially suits it (or moving it to a genre where it has no business being but they manage to make it just work, defying expectations).

Other covers are… unnecessary. They’re either note-for-note remakes or they jam it into the style of the new artist without any consideration for melding the old and the new contexts. This Prince cover definitely fits into this latter situation.

Of course, opinions differ. A lot of people out there love Alien Ant Farm’s cover of “Smooth Criminal” but for me it’s just not worth my time.

And then there’s this (which I put squarely into the “worth it” category):

[Edit: better video, now with video]

They got shit after Cliff Burton was squished by the bus.

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That’s odd; it’s 11:00 here, which means for me, it’s time for brunch.


The two are not incompatible. I like my muffins with jam and a side of determining whether the world needs the Lemonheads singing “Mrs. Robinson” (tl;dr: nope).

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This is exhibit A (for me) of a major label marketing jerk taking a dump on an otherwise pretty freakin awesome record.

In that case, I guess the prosecutors in the next courtroom over are about to bust out Smash Mouth’s “I’m a Believer”.

Bad Brains is definitely one of those bands that all punks and all metalheads of any age group generally agree on. H.R. unites the tribes.


I’d hate to be a resident of somewhere like Minneapolis or Detroit if only because it seems like every touring act that stops in town feels like they need to play a Prince (MN) or Aretha (MI) cover.