Mexico offers to help with Harvey, puts Trump in awkward position


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This fuckin’ guy.


He might accept but, he’ll figure out a way to make them pay.


He’ll only accept if they agree to pay for the wall.

That’ll show them!


Bravo, Mexico! Well done!


Trump could accept Mexico’s offer, and then claim it is them paying for the wall.


So, um, hey, I know of this great thing to help prevent floods. I’m gonna simplify things here a bit, but it’s like a wall.

For too long has all this illegal water been coming into our great country, stealing the jobs of our good god-fearing USA water! SAD! BAD!


Indeed. Also, looking at that offer right next to Trump’s comments… gives me SUCH a confused mixture of feelings.


Mexico helped with Katrina too.


So Mexico’s offer of immediate assistance is under consideration while Trump is trying to profit from the disaster by selling hurricane hats.

Just the status quo.


One of the most under-reported stories of 2005 was how the Mexican Military sent aid bringing critical food, clothing, shelter and medical care to tens of thousands of displaced Americans in the weeks following Katrina.


Mexicans publicly spanking tRump? What’s not to like?


Frankly, this is brilliant counter-trolling on the part of the people of Mexico.


Mexico experienced a significant earth quake shortly after helping the US with the Katrina relief efforts.
What did the US do to return the favour? Nada.


Wow, it’s almost like Trump’s worldview is childlike and irreparably damaged!


You’re telling me that Mexico invaded America? This is why we need the wall people! To keep all those soldiers with their food and their tents on their side of the Rio Grande!


Good on you Mexico! Based on how the country reacted after Katrina, I believe they are being honest in their desire to help. But…it also happens to be scoring lots of political points. So, nice one.


Since that is how it would play out on the playground among five year olds, I think you may have brilliantly predicted his exact strategy.


Damn awkward position.


Is Mexico sending their best people?