Michigan bans child marriage

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Glad to see another state pushing back against this form of child abuse. It’s really not comparable to anything else, and predators have been able to hide using tactics like this for far too long.


A number of Republicans voted against the ban on child marriage.

Because of course they did.


Yep. Different state, but a friend from college was “married off” at 14 or 15. Her mom signed the papers to allow it. To a guy in his mid-20s. It was not a great situation.
She got divorced when she could, and turned out surprisingly well in the end, but, yuck.


Isn’t it weird how things like this always seem to happen after Democrats get elected? Must be a coincidence.


I find it even more weird that Republicans whine whenever the law prevents them from harming people. :woman_shrugging:t4: Oh well, at least that shows us who they really are…

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Maddock and friends: “What was good enough for my Grandmother is good enough for my granddaughter… I can’t wait for her first foray into bootleg liquor.”


The only time I see these folk arguing about minors being able to decide their long-term status it’s about girls marrying older men.
Clearly, the biggest defining line is: people should be able to determine the boundaries of their own body and no have it controlled by their elders.


Good. Pretty Gross it took this long.


In some states, you could sign papers to marry off your daughter at 15, but she couldn’t file for divorce because she was a minor, couldn’t leave because she couldn’t rent a place on her own … basically trapped for several years.


I spent half my childhood and all of college in Michigan. Most of that was around small town/rural areas with people who’d generally be likely to vote Republican and identified with varying degrees of Protestant Christianity. Most of them were blue collar (even my college cohorts largely came from blue collar or factory running white collar folks because engineering school). We’re talking old school Midwestern Republican base types here.

I literally cannot imagine any of the people I grew up with supporting the kinds of things that some of these Rs voted to keep. Like at all. If you brought up the thing this bill makes illegal, they’d be an absolutely horrified.

I have no idea how/where in the state this was prevalent and who supports the Rs behind this but WTF?! I have no idea if I just missed something beneath my nose or if the Rs changed that much between my youth in the 90s and now. Nationally, yes, the Q Nut wing took over, but even the most radical weirdos of my time wouldn’t have been for this.


Yeah, right. It’s not like the banned law helps couples about highschool age like Romeo&Juliet. It’s about child exploitation loophole for people way above 18. And when I mean way above, it’s usually decade(s) apart. So the GQP and their supporters can take this shit and shove it up their behind.


It’s mind boggling how this is just happening now and the only people who vote against such measures are those people who are somehow aligned with the folks convinced the other side are running some organized child trafficking scheme. It’s literally maddening. I wonder if a single qanon person will say anything positive about this or if they will all just be silent.


That’s sadly not surprising in the least but since you put that statistic out there now I’m curious to know how many, if any, of those thousands of child marriages occurred between a minor boy and a woman more than 4 years older than himself.


For 30 years Michigan was held under GOP control through serious Gerrymandering. That is why child marriage was still on the books. The GOP now has to compete for seats based on policy and ideas until, at least, 2030. They have neither policies nor ideas; I expect Democrats will be able to right many more legislative wrongs before the maps have to change again. Fortunately, when the maps have to re-drawn a non-partisan committee will draw it, as required by the State Constitution.


No, their cognitive dissonance circuits are fried so they will just go DARVO on you if you dare to point it out.


So Matt Maddock is concerned that the law doesn’t allow for compassionate exceptions. I suspect very strongly he doesn’t feel the same way about anti abortion laws.


So as I understand this modern Republican mindset.

  • People aren’t mature enough to drink until 21.
  • LGBTQIA2S+ people can’t have rights around
    marriage, sports, existing, and bathrooms.
  • Young people can’t be trusted to understand their own gender or sexuality.
  • Women can’t have bodily autonomy.

But we can’t possibly impinge on the rights of a adult man to marry someone under 18?

Im so confused by the twisted path of morals that can weave through this and not see a problem.


Once again I find it completely mind-boggling that the Qanon conspiracy nuts have decided that it’s the Democrats who are part of some global child-sex-trafficking conspiracy even though the Republicans are actively advocating for child sex abuse right out in the open.