Mike Huckabee ties mass shootings to an absence of faith in God. Social science proves him wrong


I would tie it to entitlement of white manbabies more than anything else.


Infuriating, though unsurprising from that broken record. He’s been blowing that homophobic dog whistle since Columbine, and variations since before he was Governor of Arkansas


What’s most infuriating is that plenty of LBGQT+ people are people of faith. He doesn’t get to define that for others.


isn’t the us one of the most religious countries?

maybe this is like trickle down economics, tax breaks for the rich, and responsible gun ownership. since they’ve never solved our problems before, we just need more of the same.

someday it’s gotta work right? ( thoughts and prayers, thoughts and prayers. )


That assumes that people of faith = bigots. Maybe we should listen to all people of faith (and the diversity therein) instead of listening to bigots?


Not all religion is faith.
Xtians aren’t Christians.
I say this as an adamant atheist who follows the teachings of Christ more faithfully than Xtians such as Huckabee.


just the superstitious ones:


bigot, n. and adj.

Forms: 15– bigot , 16 biggot .
Origin: A borrowing from French. Etymon: French bigot .
Etymology: < Middle French bigot (French bigot(Show More)
A. n.

1. A religious hypocrite; (also) a superstitious adherent of religion. Obsolete .

1598 T. Speght Wks. G. Chaucer sig. Aaaa.ii Bigin, bigot , superstitious hypocrite [1602 adds or hypocriticall woman].
1653 T. Urquhart tr. Rabelais 1st Bk. Wks. xl. 181 He is no bigot or hypocrite.
1656 T. Blount Glossographia Bigot (Fr.), an hypocrite, or one that seems much more holy then he is, also a scrupulous or Superstitious fellow.
1664 H. More Modest Enq. Myst. Iniquity 436 One part of their Church becomes Sotts and Bigots.
a 1721 J. Sheffield Wks. (1740) 201 Yet some thought the Vacancy open was kept, Concluding the Bigot would never accept: But the Hypocrite told them, he well understood, Tho’ the Function was wicked, the Stipend was good.
1787 W. Beckford Portuguese Jrnl. 18 June (1954) 88 I should never finish were I to tell you all the nonsense trumpeted about in my favour by nuns, friars, and bigots of every rank and denomination.


Okay. I guess… whatever that means in creating a world that is less full of hatred…


i didn’t read the op to be honest. it’s a small thing, but there are some things i don’t want to give traffic to.

all i got out of the headline was him saying we aren’t christian enough. ( which reads to me like, we haven’t cut taxes enough, or stood our ground enough, etc. ) i’m not sure where the bigot part comes from.

personally, i have a not very strongly held belief that looking towards an all powerful patriarch ( and his fam ) only winds up with people trying to reflect that structure here on earth.

only a limited amount of good can come from it, because the foundation is broke.

“not strongly held” though cause what do i know? i’m not christian, and, yeah, the bigots among them get the most airtime.

morallity to me comes from accepting people instead of accepting god. and while religion is often mistaken for morality, i’m pretty sure there’s zero relation. he wants to stand on some moral ground that does not exist.


Huckabee is a bigot, and plenty of Christians are not bigots. It’s shitty to assume that literally every Christian on earth is represented by Huckabee when you’re talking about more than a billion human beings. I’m not defending him. I’m defending the millions of human beings who live a life that is not dictated by a bigoted human being.



my take is, for any given practicing christian i meet in real life - they have to do the convincing. and while plenty have convinced me, my default trust level is more like t0 than t4.

[ edit: and that is because of the bigots. and the white jesus. and the god and country. and because i just don’t get a big man in the sky. it might not be fair. it’s just the world i see. or the country at any rate. ]


My personal metric has become based on how they express their views on their fellow human beings and how our society should protect their rights. I grew up with plenty of bigoted protestants. I am more interested in reaching out to people who want to improve the world for all of us. Huckabee is clearly not one of them. I don’t think that fact should condemn all of protestant Christianity. I understand being wary, but we’re in dangerous times. Let’s reach out to any and all allies.


well said.

who knows, there may be hope for them yet :wink:


It’s literally the only path to fixing our broken world.


i look at the the way puerto ricans just rallied to get their governor to resign, and i’m not entirely sure.

if we were doing the same: to get 45 out office, to end ice, to get gun control laws enacted: that would be enough.

i guess i think we already have overlap with enough groups that i’m not sure we actually need more overlap, or even more inter-group ties. it would help. but it’s not a prerequisite.

what we need seems to be something… else.

something that gives us all a ( non violent ) way of saying enough is enough.

i think we’ll only know once it’s happened.


Puerto Ricans came together despite their differences. We’re (mainland Americans) not doing the same.


they had a singular goal, and a singular method. that channel for energy is even almost more key than mutual respect and understanding

yeah, if we had the latter we’d gain the former. and the latter is the long term goal. ideally. but, we shouldn’t wait for that


By their fruits shall you know them, basically. :slight_smile:


I dunno. It feels as if I’ve heard this argument a lot.

“Bashing gays is a core tenet of our religion, and you’re bigoted against our sincerely held religious beliefs if you criticize them. Bigotry as no place in a free society, you liberal fascist!”