MLB moves All Star Game to Denver to protest new Georgia voting restrictions, Jen Psaki weighs in

Originally published at: MLB moves All Star Game to Denver to protest new Georgia voting restrictions, Jen Psaki weighs in | Boing Boing


What madness is this? The press secretary has to refute the lies the reporters say now?


I hope she sticks around for a few years.


My mental images were of this sort mostly…


I hope Faux keeps Failson Doocy on the White House beat. Psaki’s judo flips in response to his lame-brained questions are entertaining and informative (which is why I doubt they end up aired on the propaganda network).


Unlike the parade of chumps who each lasted only a little while spewing alternative facts to cover the previous administration’s ineptitude, Jen looks like she’s having a lot of fun telling the truth to liars.

I think the reason there was such high turnover before was that it’s got to be exhausting and soul-crushing to stand in front of a group and tell lies all day, every day. Not only do all the pre-calculated lies on the agenda have to weave in with all the previous lies, but they have to account for the Prevaricator-in-Chief’s crazy new 2AM shitter-tweets from the previous night. The mental gymnastics required have got to wear you down like a grindstone.

Let’s hope Jen can last. The good news is that regardless of when she does leave, her soul will still be intact.


Well, that and the fact that Murdoch, the Kochs, the Mercers, and other right-wing billionaires offer a lot more money to do the same thing. Understanding that, Biff’s press room was really a sort of audition and screen-test space.


And yet, on the right, there are already memes about how awful she is as a press secretary.


Yes, but they also hate puppies, the current Pope, and Mister Rogers. I would take any view of theirs with a significant grain of salt. One about the size of Albania.


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They’ll not bother to even air the fact she destroyed him. If they show anything, they’ll use him asking and then cut it.


The funniest part of this story is Mitch McConnell is threatening to raise corporate tax rates in response.

He’s been totally “briar patched”


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Yeah, corporate money is free speech, but not that kind of free speech damnit.


The usual, “its only free speech if they say things I want to hear”.
Just like:
“Only Conservative Christians are entitled to freedom of religion”
“Businesses can only keep out customers if they are gay, women, black or atheist”
“Government can’t tell me what to do with my body and force me to wear a mask, but they can force women to keep all pregnancies”

I stopped even attempting to call out hypocrisy of the right wing. It requires too much of an assumption of honesty and good faith belief. I just ridicule their positions directly.


Complete and competent sentences, swoon big time.


I thought it was because Trump kept firing them because they couldn’t perform the impossible job he wanted.

I’m glad she comes to the podium stocked with the right facts to refute such statements. I wouldn’t be able to avoid sneering “They’re a private company. Aren’t you supposed to be in favor of the free market deciding such things?”


Man, Jen’s constant coherent rebuttals really show how shitty the fast talking “Whataboutism”, diversion laced gishgallop of the Trump press secretaries were.


I might throw it back at Fox “News”.

“Major League Baseball has as much right to choose where to play the All-Star game as Fox News had in choosing to fire Bill O’Reilly and other performers who embarrassed Fox News and/or exposed it to liability.”


But that’s really getting close to the heart of “cancel culture” and the real GQP view on free speech. It’s not about your right to say anything you want, it’s about your right to PROFIT from any speech you spew, regardless of how vile or damaging it is. Corporate money is free speech they can admire. Corporations and their executives actually talking is what they want to stop (unless it’s in favor of GQP views of course).