MMXVII Dead Pool - Sign up and rules discussion

Bragging rights are the prize


Considering how blindsided I felt with so many of the deaths this year, I can’t imagine coming up with a list that has any likelihood of being even partly right for 2017.

Plus, I’m worried that the deaths will be in very large numbers thanks to our new demagogue.

I think I need a drink, or sleep, or a hug, or something. This topic has definitely put me in a weird mood.


I hear ya. And although any loss of human life is a tragedy and there’s few who’s demise I would celebrate, but there are some who’s greatest contribution to the planet might actually be as compost, so rather than look for high-scores, I’ll be looking for those who I wouldn’t actually miss.

And I’m not gonna fault anyone for thinking this whole idea is in very bad taste. It is.

Two out of three?



I’m out. I won’t think any less of participants - it’s not like the doomed and their survivors are ever likely to stumble upon this game - but it’s a bit too ghastly for me. I’ll wade through a veritable sea of metaphorical bloodshed for the most frivilous of entertainments. But too many people in my own life have permanently perished for me to find any fun in real murder-death-kill.


A celebrity “cheated death” list would be more uplifting. The list with highest cumulative age with no deaths wins.


Still wavering between coming up with a list and asking for an adjudicator role.

This would not be my first Dead Pool. A dead pool list more often than not is an exercise in prediction than a “here’s a list of people i hate. Die people, die!” exercise. For someone who didn’t grow up near a failed nuclear reactor nor spend time in a war-torn area or gangland territory I’ve lost more family than I should have (average age at death: 33 of five immediate family members) and only one of those was predictable from a terminal illness.

After 2016’s nasty surprises I want the comfort [ETA: and control] of being able to predict something. My list would have ‘notable celebs’ who outlived my siblings and mosf of them would have outlived my parents and grandparents so for me a Dead Pool is no big pearl-clutching deal.


I was in two minds about it yesterday, then I woke up to this

I don’t want to be involved in the dead pool now, although I won’t criticise those who do.


Which one are you, and which am I? (Do I really want to know the answer to that question?)


So will the winner be known as captain deadpool?

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Wondering if I should take John Glenn off my draft list…


Maybe. But it’s only 3 weeks or so away…

Reminds me. We need a FRIST! rule. +10 points for the first one.


And +20 if it’s on January 1.


Knock on wood, you idiot!! (One of my favorite superstitions. Yes, of course, I knock on my own skull. Who doesn’t?)


In today’s world of plastic and metal, what other wood would you have nearby?

Aside: Inspired by my father, I’ve spent way too much time determining the exact shape I need to make my mouth to create the perfect “hollow” sound when I knock on my skull.


I’m sorry to say…

John Glenn did not make it to 2017.


It’s fine to participate in a dead pool you’re running. I don’t know anyone who just sits out and adjudicates only.

I like the latest two rules.

I have an idea, it might be stretching scope, but if there are no material prizes awarded it may be harmless: The Clean Plate Award to someone whose entire slate kicks it. I’ve never seen it happen, but someone who’d like to win a trophy graphic and is unsure about their odds of emerging supreme points-wise could try for it. Example given: Javier Perez de Cuellar, Beverly Cleary, Herman Wouk, Jimmy Snuka, Kirk Douglas, Olivia de Havilland, David Rockefeller, Norman Lloyd, Prof. Irwin Corey, Mary Carlisle.


Sounds good. And we should probably ask whoever wins it some questions too…

As for private/public lists, I think it could be fun watching people madly swap out their picks as lists gets posted.
So Imma post mine and get things kicked off.


Agreed! Some, like Straight Dope Celebrity Death Pool 2017, start publishing their lists from 1 December, and, having listed John Glenn, Craig Sager, and now Zsa Zsa Gabor, the contestants make their revisions open.

Another suggestion for Clean Plate award: Rick Roll the Winner “With Ten You Get Rick Roll”

Yes. “You didn’t scrape your leavings into the dog’s mouth, did you?”