Moby says he has secret intelligence info on Trump


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I’d like to see more of this dossier.

not to prove it exists, but so this shitgibbon gets whats coming to him.

Also, Iran ain’t that dumb. Trump is playing in their casino, what an utter shitgibbon!


Well they bumped off Flynn.

It will be hard finding an irrational Islamophobe suitable to replace him.


I am inclined to, as odd as this sounds, take this at face value, for the most part. It simply jives with my own “smell test” of the situation. If the Trump administration was a connect-the-dots puzzle, it would be this:

  • start a betting pool
  • just enjoy the show
  • why not both?

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Ah, so it turns out Moby is the one with the inside scoop? Well sure, why not, I guess.

I really have more and more trouble figuring out what apparent truths to hold onto in the “news” anymore.

I do think that if Trump goes down, he won’t do so lightly. But then, what do I really have to base that on? Ugh.


Moby? Really? Come on. Sources people!


OTOH, I hear the mixed NSA/MI5 set at Glastonbury this year’s gonna be just epic.


Well it looks like Moby was in ahead of the Flynn firing at least.

I will say, if US or non-Russian intelligence agencies could ever have access to this information, it would seem like they would have to have it by now.


trust your intuition now. more than anything.


While I despise Trump, you must admit if he or one of his supporters came up with this story you would laugh. “My firends in DC to,d me X and I am going to believe them.” Why not add, “They thanked my for saying the truth. My D C friends are the best. Everyone else’s friends are a disaster. Sad!”

Let’s wait for something more than phone calls and footlockers.


I think the key thing here is that there is no such thing as secret intelligence in the Lying Fascist Shitgibbon Party administration (and it’s very debatable that there is any such thing as intelligence as well).


I guess the key word here is “suitable”-- I’m sure there are plenty of Islamophobes he could pick.

The whole Flynn-Russia link is curious, how someone with a long military background would be secretly dealing with a former Cold War adversary. But it occurred to me: his Islamophobia is so great, maybe he thought the US and Russia could team up and start the next Crusade.


Moby is clearly correct on point #2.

Altough I came to the same conclusion without having spoken to anyone in DC.


Makes sense, now that everything’s stopped making sense. And facts all come with points of view.


Trust a DJ to put on his own spin.


It does sound like a corny plot device in a bad Hollywood thriller, “the DJ gets the secret inside scoop? Really?” But then it also makes sense: he grew up in a posh part of Connecticut, he probably has high school friends who are DC insiders.


Well, given that all of this is pretty much out there, it’s all sort of “well, duh!” territory. We’ve got reports of multiple confirmations of the dossier, the administration has been in obvious collusion with the Russians, they’re clearly spoiling for a fight with Iran (and they need the whole “Reichstag fire” thing to survive), the major power brokers of the GOP are against Trump, anyone with two braincells, including much of the administration itself it horrified by how incompetent it is (and he’s actively alienated the intelligence community to the point where they’re reportedly withholding information from him).

You don’t need sekret gub’ment sources to know all this - just reading newspapers gives the same reports. Although their stories are thanks to the fact that all of Washington, including elements within the White House, is leaking like a sieve right now in response to the horror of Trump.


Unless he gets them first.


I believe this is the supposed “dossier”, at least that’s what I found using Google in about 30 seconds: