Morrissey is mad about how The Simpsons parodied him

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This. Many people would wear it as a badge of honor being lampooned by the Simpsons.


I am so glad i was never a Smiths - Morrissey fan. If i was I’d have to be like, “No no - Morrissey died in 1995 in a bus accident in the desert. I don’t know who this other person you are referring to is.”


Is anyone else here immediately reminded of one reader’s response, after SPIN put Morrissey on the cover back in 1988?


Never saw that before, almost shot coffee out’a my nose, and thank you.


I only saw Morrissey live once, at a festival while I was waiting for another band to come on after him

He came on 10 minutes late, berated the crowd for not being appreciative enough, and flounced off 20 minutes early


Warlock Pinchers was right.

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Still like the Smiths even if Morrissey is a total knob. But I did like what Colbert did to him years ago. He’s (Morrissey, not Colbert) an ass the whole way through but the bit about Johnny Marr is great (start around 2:40).

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I repeat my comment made here earlier today:

I also linked to this.


And look who’s on the cover of the issue including that response!


Good heavens, it took me all day until you pointed it out to figure out that connection… Not sure if/how M. Groening is still involved with Simpsons but, wow, a 33-year-long owning…


Morrissey has been showing us who he is for several decades now. Believe him.


Today I actually appreciate Morrissey for showing me that 2016 - 2020 didn’t totally kill off irony. Tomorrow I’ll forget again that he even exists.


I like the last few paragraphs

As it happened, the break came easily. The last few weeks I’ve been smashing the plastic cases of my CDs, and filing them in folders, to save my children a tedious purge of obsolete physical media when I die.

Oddly, when I got to S (I file Morrissey’s solo stuff alongside the Smiths) I found myself putting Morrissey’s entire works, without really giving it any thought, into the box I was taking to the charity shop. I kept the vinyl of the Smiths’ debut, and the Hatful of Hollow compilation, totemic physical objects that link me to a certain mindscape, but the rest just suddenly seemed irrelevant.

There was no great fanfare. I didn’t ceremonially smash Morrissey’s works or burn them in the street like entartete kunst . It all happened with a whimper, not with a bang, and with sadness for the sorry state of things, not erectile pride in my own virtuousness. Suddenly, I just didn’t want Morrissey in my home any more. And I couldn’t imagine any circumstances under which I would ever listen to him again.

It feels very fitting. Arseholes like Morrissey want us to get angry at them, it feeds their belief that they are speaking the truth and getting cancelled for it. Telling them “It’s OK uncle Morrissey, the nurses at the old racists home will look after you now” strips them of any power.

I have some old Smiths CDs somewhere, but the effort of finding them just isn’t worth it. It would be like digging though some boxes to find an old AOL disc from the mid 90s.


Y’know - it’s almost as if associating with neofascists, religious bigots and racists makes people think Morrissey has neofascist, bigoted and racist viewpoints…


Well, his whiny arse did keep canceling gigs because he claimed he didn’t feel well. He was probably afraid people would throw tomahtoes.


I saw this back in the 90’s and never really understood this. It seemed like every other Hispanic girl had a Morissey poster on her wall. Yeah, there were lots of Caucasian and Asians into him as well, but it didn’t seem to be quite as big of a thing.

Can anyone explain why he was so appealing to such a select group?


I read the Guardian UK every day for decades. Whenever the whingeing creep did something stupid, like canceling gigs because vapours, or spewing merkin von bankruptian anti-immigrant garbage, it was on their front page. He’s been at it a looooong time.

A GF was a big smiths fan, and she tried like hell, and failed like hell, to convert me. I hated going anywhere with her because she’d play the same smiths tape every time, tryinta wear down my resistance. It only made me loathe them, and him, even more. The more I learned about him, the more I disliked him.


You and the world feel the same, I can’t see any redeemable qualities in a cranky old fart-bag like him.