Mostly mask-less crowd for Trump in Sanford, Florida, COVID POTUS rants and claims negative virus test

You remind me that I need to check in on our Secretary of State’s website to see if mine was processed. :slightly_smiling_face:


Is it wrong to hope for a hostile alien invasion and some sort of orbital strike that decimates humanity?

I think I’ve lost my last tiny scrap that there would possibly be any hope of salvaging the species.

Just get rid of us all, let nature heal, and let those wily raccoons with their cute little hands grow to be the next dominant species.


Why can’t the aliens be benign? Humanity needn’t be decimated, just neutralized:


I’ve certainly felt that way before (EDIT: i.e., fed-up and exasperated, although – I assume like yourself – not really wishing for an actual global catastrophe), but I’ve also realized that this attitude slights a huge portion of humanity who have little, if anything, to do with our current predicament(s), other than bearing the brunt of it. (For example)

Like the song says…


Sounds like the disturbing classic Christmas cartoon “Peace on Earth”. Made on the edge of WWII


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