Mother shocked to discover a gay drama teacher, demands refund


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I love hearing stories like this (I heard one last week about a wedding photographer who responded similarly to a client that asked for their deposit back, and they donated it to charity as well). I don’t understand these people that ask for deposits back - why do they think that they’ll get it back, when THEY are the ones backing out of the transaction?


“I have recently learned of your lifestyle”

Warning! WARNING! Hypo’Christian about to “Christ” on you.


Just once I’d like it if one of these people would say “My personal interpretation of my Christian faith says…” because when they say they’re behaving in this way because they’re a Christian they’re suggesting all Christians think like them.

Not all do and when they suggest otherwise it’s a double insult.


Fucking Bingo!


I was expecting something a bit simpler, like "Ha! Good luck finding an arts program without any gays teaching it. :smile: "


the musical the kids were enrolled in is Rent, which is about gay and bisexuals in NYC at the beginning of the HIV/AIDS crisis

Well, now, maybe she thought it was about how Jacob rent his clothes in mourning…

Naah, I can’t finish that one, even in sarcasm it’s giving way too much credit.


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Maybe the Christian definition of “deposit” differs from the secular version?


I wasn’t aware the lifestyle embraced this form of Bingo.

O! Brave new world, that hath such peepholes in’t!


Yes, “I have recently learned of your lifestyle” is the new “I’m not a racist but…” because for both something something ridiculously offensive is about to be said.


Doctor’s Orders -Two fat ladies. Goodbye Teens, Grandma’s getting frisky. Stop Farting! Nearly there - Here comes Herbie - was she worth it?


AFAIK, the only people the Jesus of the Gospels actively condemned were religious hypocrites.



And people who divorce (for reasons other than being cheated on) and marry a different person (aka Kim Davis). They are sinful adulterers. Jesus is very, very clear on that point.


Ironically I bet there are people who would demand their money back if they found out there were no homosexuals involved in a particular piece of theater, the logic being “you clearly aren’t hiring the best and most talented if you excluded gays either deliberately or accidentally.”


Or just a general sense of: there’s no way that lack-of-balance happened naturally, so you must have been doing something to actively keep gay people away, so no I don’t want myself or my children learning anything from you.


The .gif-itization of the intarwebs continues apace… and I too find herky jerky .gif loops annoying and motion sickness inducing. It’s like we lost the war and GeoCities won. Never understood why folks don’t just loop it back to the start, then Thranduil would be smoothly and sadly shaking his head back n forth, forever. Frames, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, loop. derp


There’s an episode of Cheers that is similar to what you are describing. Norm pretends he’s gay because the people hiring him want their interior designer to be gay.

The exchange goes something like this:

Frasier: Well, it’s not you, Norm, it’s them.
Norm: Yeah?
Frasier: They’re narrow-minded, trend-sucking dilettantes, who insist that well, their chefs be French, you know, that their mechanics be German, and that their designers be stylish.
Norm: Ooh. You mean, stylish.
Frasier: Very stylish.


from experience I find that theatre without gays is like cooking without spices…

Willing to bet this mom cooks without spices. Just saying…