My money is on Trump weaseling out of these Presidential debates

Oh yeah… there isn’t going to be a debate. No doubt.


The last line: “I hear you’re free on Wednesdays.”


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Yes, that was pretty delicious. : )


I do think Trump is narcissistic and delusional enough to think he could actually beat Biden in a debate. And for that same reason, Trump’s brittle ego will have a hard time resisting the challenge of being called “chicken” for skipping out. Especially since Biden is supposed to be such a weaker man in every way…the sort of nonsense that Trump has a habit of believing the more he tries to sell it.

That said, the sliver of survival instinct that enables Trump’s con man skills might win out, and have him skip with some kind of transparent excuse. Especially with Biden’s proposed rules of a) no crowd and b) microphone cut off. Both of which would be torture for Trump.

But all in all, I think it’s a bit closer to 50/50 that Trump might actually follow through and show up.

I sure don’t know. And it’s a sign of our bizarre times that it’s even a question if one major presidential candidate will debate another. I guess we’ll find out in June and/or October…


Whatever thing they agree on beforehand that resembles a debate, will not resemble it afterwards.


He still thinks he beat Hillary in the 2016 debates. Unfortunately so do his supporters. Because none of them really know or care what actual “debate” looks like.





Fuckin’ weirdo is already trying to change the dates he just agreed to, probably in a bid to label Biden as the one who couldn’t follow through:

After President Joe Biden and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Wednesday morning agreed to two debates in June and September, Trump suddenly began trying to push a third debate all on his own.

“Please let this TRUTH serve to represent that I hereby accept debating Crooked Joe Biden on FoxNews. The date will be Wednesday, October 2nd. The Hosts will be Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post Wednesday afternoon.


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I concur. The very fact that the Gilded Turd is saying he will means he will not. Seriously. And he’ll probably monetize refusing to debate. Can’t wait for the merch! I want it to happen, to see how everyone handles it. I’ve watched all his “debates”, he behaves like such a jackass, every time I think “oh good, now everyone will see the ugly” and then for days afterwords I see all the ugly get normalized and enthusiastically embraced and my flower of hope that this all could somehow still turn out well withers a little more…


Public debates are a theatrical performance which is probably entertaining but does not constitute a good decision making process. That said, I’d love to see Biden wax Trump’s ass but I doubt it will make much difference to the outcome of the election.

The thing I remember about US presidential elections is that it used to be important that the candidate appeared as a guy (!?) who you could feel good about going for a beer with.

Trump is a teetotaller.

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“Agreeing” to a new arrangement (adjudicated by his personal fuckpuppets) does not suggest much enthusiasm for sticking with the previously-agreed-on arrangement.


Agree all around.

I do think Trump is locked in more now that he’s said yes. Which was such an impulsive and immediate answer on Trump’s part, that it shows his ego is very triggered by Biden’s dare. Trump does remain delusional enough to think a debate against Biden will make him look good with anyone outside his cult.

But again, he also does probably still retain that sliver of self-preservation that’s enabled him to operate so long as a con man. So he might become aware of the near certain disaster a debate would be, especially under Biden’s current requirements, and pull back from it with an excuse.

Alternately, he could calculate that as bad as a debate might him look, not going to the debate will be certain to make him look bad among the swing voters he needs to win. And winning is vital to him as the main way to avoid actual legal consequences that could include jail. Which utterly terrifies him.

Considering all that, I personally now think it’s more like 60/40 he will actually debate Biden. Still not anywhere near certain. He could weasel out at any point.


Certainly his campaign people and advisors are all trying to find a way for him to weasel out without looking too obviously like he’s weaseling out.


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Have they considered blaming Biden? We’re not showing up for the debate and it is all Biden’s fault! (Insert meandering explanation comparing Trumpy to Jesus Christ, Nelson Mandela, and Hannibal Lecter. Say “bing-bong” a few times, and talk about low flow toilets and whale-killing wind farms).


They already do… about everything. Even when Trump did it. Or they blame Clinton or Obama…


Don’t worry. The New York Times will do that for them.


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