Naked Florida woman on a rampage in Outback Steakhouse

I’m sorry to have to flip this, seeing that at first “drugs” was the obvious go-to reason for such behaviour, but the sheer brutality of tazzing, that US cops seemingly live in such fear when personal sacrifice should be their mandate, not protect MY life at all costs while also clearly getting off on power via violence, I mean it is a rush, right? So who exactly is on drugs in this video?


What do you think he should have done? She was clearly not in a very rational state of mind so talking to her was hardly going to work. As Brainspore pointed out, she walked around barefoot on a floor covered with glass so she apparently was too drugged up to feel much pain and might at any point cause herself more serious damage. While the cop could have wrestled her down, that could have caused more damage to both of them than a taser.

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I’d much rather keep at least a county’s distance between myself and that creature. Having a conversation with someone who’s hurling bottles along with verbal nonsense is rather difficult, after all.


Power tripping…

I get it, this matches the “Crazy Florida” meme, but there´s floricrazy and there is potential mental/drug issues. Why does boingboing expose and shame her in such a way, including name and mugshot? Who knows what the story behind this is. I don´t think this qualifies as “mostly wonderful”, rather as “mostly sensational” reporting. Now gimme some weirdo boingboing shop product advertorial so I can get over this!


You mean …it’s not Outback Streakhouse?


I guess they got this one from a news source, but in general BB has been latching onto quite a few of the nastier posts from Reddit lately. Reddit categories like instant karma or public outrage, where you can self righteously snigger at other people’s misery, are reposted to Boingboing without comment.


TBH, you can go straight to r/publicfreakout to get this content without having to get it filtered through all the news/content aggregate sites that make money off of just mining Reddit.

This video has been all over Reddit for the past two weeks. Posters claiming to know the woman say she’s a regular with this kind of behavior, though it hadn’t quite reached the levels of bottle throwing. She clearly needs medical help, but, you know, bootstraps and all.


But you just gotta’ love Florida. They produce some of the most entertaining people in the news.

She took the “No rules, just right” slogan to it’s logical conclusion


According to my dad, who used to work as a nurse in a psychiatric institution: first, you get yourself and everyone else out of harm’s way. Then, you go in with at least three people (one for each arm and one to hold the head so she doesn’t bite anyone) and you hold them down while administering a sedative.

Of course, that’s what a nurse is trained to do. Policemen, apparently, are only trained to shoot at the problem.


That sounds like a good solution, assuming you can find two more trained people to help and some sedative before anything worse happens. I don’t think sedative is part of the standard equipmen of cops.

Nor do I think the people complaining here would have been any happier if they had seen a video of three cops trying to grab and hold a naked woman to inject her with a sedative. Sometimes you can’t win.

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5 of ativan, 2 of haldol will generally do the trick. I used to wonder why they didn.t just load that into a dart gun. Seems safer.


I prefer to use M80s to bring the overall excitement level down. Works in virtually any situation.


Definitely another valuable technique from the “WILL YOU JUST CALM THE FUCK DOWN!??!” School of De-escalation.


One cannot instantly disqualify THC as a problem here any more than one can instantly blame a joint for any and all ill behavior.

With respect, unless you are someone with a serious medical background and research chops on this subject, a flat denial of it is not valid.

One has only to talk to any ER physician to find out this stuff has far more bad side effects than proselytizers care to admit both physical and mental.

It is neither the “devil’s lettuce” nor a panacea for civilization’s ills. And with increasing use, we will find, as with all drugs, a wide spectrum of responses to it, both good and bad.

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“But, sir, she was coming at me with a vagina!!!” :scream: :scream: :scream:


I actually am someone with a serious medical background. 3 years of PICU and 25 years of general pediatrics will do that. And yes, I feel safe in saying that THC will not cause an episode like this. Next question?


Come for the Karens, stay for the antisemitism.


A steakhouse is not really the ideal place for nudity and rampaging: all those knives and forks.