Nancy Pelosi says Trump is "morbidly obese"

Why couldn’t it be both a medical fact and fat shaming?

Because it absolutely is fat shaming to talk about your political opponent’s body like that.

Also, the field of medicine is largely fatphobic, categorizing whole body types as unhealthy because they don’t fit cultural norms and only loose correlations to health. A lot of fat-shaming responses in this thread.


Except that obesity appears to be a significant cause of COVID19 morbidity. Just as his age puts him at higher risk, so too does his weight.


You’re right. when a doctor is pointing out to their patient that their BMI is too high and as a result they have susceptibility to a variety of diseases and conditions that can kill them is totally fat shaming. Bad Doctor.

It isn’t both. There is a difference. If you cannot see that, that’s a you problem.


Pelosi’s … not… a … doctor?


People need to start riding their bikes to Wal-Mart instead of driving their SUVs. Get some panniers or a hitch, and you can do it!

It’s a medical distinction that was unnecessary to make explicit as part of her remarks, and frankly, the term itself is derogatory (thanks, fatphobic medicine). Saying he’s in multiple high-risk categories would have been sufficient.


biden may be white and male, but he’s not fragile OR incompetent. i’d take him over donald any day.


man, that’s a low bar. I’d take Beschizza over Donald at this point. Hell, I’d take a moldy sandwich over Drumpf, because at least that might produce something useful.


I don’t understand the disbelief that he is taking it. Of course he’s taking it, “cheating” at everything is his thing and he sees it as a way to cheat getting ill.

BTW just look at him - Hydroxychloroquine is a zinc ionophore which means as a side-effect it blocks iron absorption. Which leads to low ferritin and even anemia. And hair loss.

unfortunately I can’t find it in HD but real screencap from that press meet:

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I think we’re in an “obscenity” situation here. Is it fat-shaming or not? I don’t know what the definition is, but I do know it when I see it. I think Speaker Pelosi has her toes across the line, but I also think her words were aimed directly at the Orange Menace. Haven’t checked Twitter - I’m supposed to be at a work meeting. :wink:


Who cares?


Donald, which is why she said it. This statement was aimed at one person only.


To my untrained eye, he looks just as shitty as he ever has.

And I disagree. Even as difficult as it is for him to see anything outside of his bubble, he must have some survival skills to have gotten this far in his stupid existence. He won’t grasp at straws until the hounds are baying at the door. He’s not going to risk his life on something unproven, it’s the only thing he cares about.

What he would do is pass along that it’s the cure and then wait to see if it is, or if people die. Since people are dying, I’m quite sure he’s not taking it.

Also, his thing is lying even when the truth would serve him better. He’s pathological. He says he’s taking it = he’s not taking it.

Again, I’ll believe he is when I see it on a coroner’s report. Until then, it’s more bullshit from king bullshitter.


As someone who is, in fact, morbidly obese, I agree. Pretty sure this is “concern trolling” on her part, but the shitty fact is, this has to be said because people follow what he does and the fact that he (and I) are in a high risk category to take this drug has to be explained to those who will say “hey, Trump’s on it, so I can be”.

That’s a different issue altogether than, say, posting the picture of a bucket of KFC in response to this news.


… and then everyone forgot Trump fired the state department’s inspector general.


Apparently not.

(Can we leave this “everything Trump does is a distraction from everything else Trump does” shtick behind now? It just lends an unnecessary air of panic)

The internet has gleefully pointed out that the official numbers released by the White House are not just incredibly suspect when we see Trump photographed next to people of supposedly similar height and weight, but conveniently puts Trump’s BMI at 29.9, barely shy of the 30.0 that would make him medically obese.

At this rate they’ll be listing his official height as 8’-4” by the time he leaves office.


I think with the election in 7 month and Trump having an approval rating of 49% an “air of panic” isn’t uncalled for but you do you.