Nancy Pelosi says Trump is "morbidly obese"

So you need a medical degree to repeat what medical professionals and scientists have already proven/stated?

Gate-keeping common/distributed knowledge. Fucking awesome.


I have to disagree, especially since he has made specific comments and claims about his height, weight and fitness for years. He uses his mythical non-obese BMI as a political and ego inflating tool.
As is painfully apparent, he’s been lying through his teeth and Pelosi is calling him on it.


I’m gonna disagree with you on this one. How about we vote in a leader who is at least in their 50s. As long as they know history longer than they’ve lived.


Said it in another thread, but two ego-driven old white men sucked the oxygen out of the room filled with several quality (and younger) candidates. people need to know when to step aside.


Heck, I’d settle for someone who at least comprehends the history that has occurred in their own lifespan.


So Xeni needs to update her line to, "impeached and morbidly obese President Trump "?


Harris or O’Rourke would have blasted this election out of the park. Sanders is a great senator. Biden is…well I’ll vote for him anyway because I’d vote for a dead squirrel run over a few times on the street if that was the (D) nominee. When you’re in a hole and want to get out, first step is to stop digging.


I find it useful switch the roles in my head and see how I think about it then. If Trump called a female politician “morbidly obese” in a similar context, would you still shrug it off as a medical distinction? If yes then fine, but I don’t think I would.


Well, yes, I do think Trump counts as “morbidly obscene”, too.

  1. I’m sure he’ll do that any moment because his feelings were hurt and reacting thoughtlessly is very presidential.

  2. If it were some senator who’d been bragging about how healthy they are and obviously lying about their height, weight, and BMI telling everyone they were healthy as a horse and that makes them a good candidate, then I wouldn’t be upset if it were pointed out they were obese.

Turnabout is fair play. Trump bullies people ALL THE TIME. If he can’t handle someone pointing out true facts about how much of a fatty shitpile he is, he really should have thought twice about throwing stones from a glass white house.


Is Pelosi his doctor? His close loved one advising him to stick to medical advice? It is possible for a statement to be both accurate and that in some contexts it is a reasonable expression of fact and in others serves just to fat shame. If my doctor tells me that I am overweight, it is a statement of fact, probably stripped of shaming. If a stranger behind me at the doughnut shop says the exact same thing, it only serves to shame.


I think the big lesson here is that Donald trump is a bully, and he should feel bad. I don’t even particularly care how they manage to make him feel bad. Pointing out that he is in fact obese while his ego demands that he think of himself as healthier than a horse is perfectly acceptable to me. He shouldn’t dish if he can’t take it and he is a massive bully.


The problem with that is that it feeds a culture where people are weight shamed regularly, including in ways that undermine their healthcare. Go after him for his lies, his corruption, and his behavior, but leave appearance out of it. Too much of the burden falls on other people.


It’s interesting that you mention the hair loss because when I watched this exchange live, I also thought his hair looked sparser than usual (not trying to shame hair loss, just an observation).

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not trying to shame hair loss, just an observation

the very fact that you have to say this part is a sign of the god damn issue in this thread and our society as a whole.


yeah, but it’s the bar we have.

very true. i’m totally expecting more people to die because they heard him say he’s taking it, so it must be good and ok to.

you might be able to make an argument that biden is feeble, but i will stand by my belief that he’s not fragile. he’s been through a lot, and he’s weathered it all. he’s tough.

if the female politician was dangerously obese, then sure, i’d still definitely shrug it off. because that to me was the whole point. pelosi explained what she meant.


Trump would NEVER be classy enough to use the medically appropriate terminology to describe a heavyset woman he didn’t like. Recall that during his long public feud with Rosie O’Donnell he frequently described her using terms such as

  • “Fat”
  • “Slob”
  • “Disgusting”
  • “Ugly”
  • “Chubby”
  • “A very unattractive person”
  • “Miss Piggy”

Not to mention calling her a “degenerate” shortly after she came out as a lesbian.


I thought of him more as the keeper.


No way, the Rancor Keeper exhibited deep and heartfelt affection for a creature that was not himself.


Well, it’s Donnie’s shtick, and he keeps on doing it.
So, alas, no, we can’t leave it behind us.