New Lincoln project highlights Trump's lies and bungling of the pandemic response

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I hope these ads keep getting a lot of press, they might be able to grind down a few Trumpers, but I have no need to see more of them.

Thing is, if you watch Fox News every night you get all the excuses and explanations and puffery to detoxify anything the Lincoln Project (or anyone else) might say about Trump’s incompetence, so these ads are really only for people in the middle and moderate Republicans (if there are any left.) The hardcore MAGA crowd won’t care, mostly it will just angry them up more.


A lot of times the Lincoln Project plays it a little fast and loose, but this seems pretty straightforward. I have wanted to see ads of the president overtly contradicting himself, and here one is.


Wow. What an indictment.


I think, in a lot of cases, the Lincoln Project is playing to an audience of one; the sh!tstain currently infesting the Oval Office.

I don’t think they’re trying to change any minds of voters, they’re trying to goad him to maximum stupidity.


I have to put the phrase “two beautiful world wars” (from Sunday’s Chris Wallace interview) at number one.


They’ve said as much. They’ve aired some of the ads only on the fox affliliate in DC, during Fox and Friends. And apparently it’s not especially expensive to do so.


Dunno. Suggesting people shoot bleach may tie for #1.


Over on this side of the Atlantic, Led by Donkeys have been doing a sterling job showing how the incompetence of our own mini Trump has killed so many people in the UK:


So I went to my family’s cabin in the Adirondacks this past weekend. Great trip. But there is one guy on our road with this:

I mean, WTF? And to have it next to kids bikes, that’s a nice touch. Some people are just broken.


and yet again, as this post appears in my browser, there are not one but two trump campaign ads accompanying it.

I live in Utah and have been traveling around the west (basically trying to get as far from Utah as possible in a couple of days). The flags are literally everywhere. It’s terrifying.


Trump is always at maximum stupidity. That is his normal condition.

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It boggles the mind. I mean, this is there, but dangling a donut in front of a cop (assuredly, an ill-conceived move meant to provoke) gets you arrested?

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It’s too bad that we don’t have any Trump reaction videos. Those would be gold.


That is pretty fucked up, isn’t it?

You should click on one, it‘ll cost the campaign a bit more, I guess.

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