Nikki Haley got 77,761 votes in Georgia, and she wasn't even on the ballot — "a real problem" for MAGA

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The question is whether those voters will vote against Trump or not in the general. Some will hold their nose and vote for Trump, but the question is how many… Plus, we have open primaries, so there are not telling how many of these voters normally vote Democratic, and decided to get a GOP ballot and vote against Trump…


those are good points. i will say she also got 21% in washington, and those require party affiliation.

like you say though, no way of saying what those voters will do in november. ideally, they’d vote for biden; but them not voting is also okay by me.

March 12 presidential primary results in Washington state |


Sadly, Lincoln Project and Meidas Touch can’t be relied on for accurate political analysis. Trump does not have any substantial problem with registered Republicans, full stop.


but she still super conservative. its like do i want to get shot in the face or the neck? if it wasnt for maga, if she was saying the things she says. she’d still be an extemist.


Yeah, that’s why only 3% of Registered Republicans voted in Idaho’s caucus, which was restricted to Republicans. This is one of the most rabid MAGA states in the country and they couldn’t be bothered.


I imagine it’s going to be easier for them to just sit it out, than vote against Trump. That will also help.


Actually, there were some 20 GOP candidates on the GA ballot, as I have friends who registered R to poke the bee’s nest. So that swayed the needle, perhaps by a 20% margin, based on turnout at the last major primary here.


We don’t know that. We DO know there are some disaffected Republicans, because they are public in their disaffection.

But feel free to doom and gloom. We’ll do the hard work anyway.

Yeah, we know. But she’s not an insurrectionist.

Yeah, true. We’ll see in November.

Yeah, that’s what I’m… not concerned about, but wondering about. What percentage of the people who voted for Haley (or another Republican) were not regular GOP voters, but crossed over. That makes it a bit harder to gauge Trump’s chances in November, I think.


I wish there were conversations about splitting the party. It’s the reasonable direction at this point. There is an obvious divide and no one wants to fund them because they’re not sure who they’re giving money to.

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Let MAGA take the Republican Party and then split off into, I dunno, the Not-Quite-As-Fascist Party for all I care. It’s just clear that what they have isn’t working, and it’s really stupid that they continue pretending that it does.


I have a hard time watching that GIF because it seems so out of character for either Ron Swanson or Nick Offerman to cut something in half with a bandsaw without using a fence or a crosscut sled.


Trump handily won the GOP primary. He just de facto took over the RNC. He’s endorsed by virtually every major Republican, including Mitch McConnell. He is currently winning virtually every head to head poll against Biden.

That doesn’t sound like serious intra-party issues.


Yeah, but the one thing Republicans do really well is “present a united front” They will staunchly support the head bully. Sure, they might fight amongst themselves to BE the head bully, and that’s increasingly public these days. But they know deep down that the margin they have is slim unless, and even with, all of them circling the wagons (and the gerrymandering, and the voter suppression, and…). I mean, look at McConnell supporting Trump now.

They don’t care if they destroy themselves, as long as the other guy loses. ******


And Biden even more handily won the Dem primary.

Ahem, fwiw:


Trump doesn’t have a substantial problem with his base and Biden doesn’t have a substantial problem with his base are not mutually exclusive states. They both have adequate control of their parties to win their primaries easily!

It is easy to cherrypick polls to get the data you want. Polling averages show Trump with a small but present lead in the general. Hopefully the Biden trend will continue, though!

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Yes, fingers crossed.

The election is still far away, so who knows what all will happen by then. I have some faith that as trials and other bad personal news for Tromp continue to pile up, his stench will keep turning off more and more voters.


I’d actually prefer them to sit it out. Might help down-ballot races if the never-trumpers but still Republicans were not there.


The nature of the thing… he did not win all voters, and actually lost at least 2, which show he does not have total control like he claims.

Haven’t we learned yet that polls are pretty BS?

But yes. there are. Just because you are ignoring it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

Even with the protest movement that broke out and having 2 challengers.

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Yesterday I read a piece by some never-Trump chatterer whose name I didn’t recognize predicting what will happen to the party when Trump is finally politically or actually dead. In the resulting party anarchy, he was hoping for a rebirth of the GOP in the image of the pre-Trump party. Fat chance. I hope the chaos and internecine warfare shatter any unity they might hope for and keep them out of power for decades. And I further hope the Democrats can finally, after 40 years cowering under the shadow of Reagan, do some big, long-overdue things that need doing in this country (infrastructure, climate, healthcare, voting rights, ERA, abolishing or making proportional the electoral college, reforming the Supreme Court, and so on).

And I further further hope that Trump’s most ardent pickthanks are ultimately exiled to a real or metaphorical Argentina.


Why do you hate Argentina so much, it’s actually quite a nice place, last time I was there?

(I know, it’s a Nazi reference, but still, don’t dump these asses on Argentina, they have enough problems of their own, and are generally good people.)

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