Nikki Haley's horrid sweaters

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Yeah, sure. Fascism is about to take over, but let’s obsess over Nikki Haley’s sweaters and Ron DeSantis’s boots.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what Nikki Haley is wearing. Her fashion choices are just that. Her choices. And I don’t care about DeSantis’s shoes, either. If he’s self conscious about his height and wants to look taller, who cares? I don’t. I’d rather talk about policy, where neither one of them thinks other people, especially women and trans people, should have choices about what to do with their bodies.


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Despite Seattle’s reputation as a Liberal Stronghold, the Times is a pretty conservative rag. And the owner/publisher takes things very personally.


While humor and mockery are good weapons against fascists (and ones that they in turn have extreme difficulty mastering), yeah, this petty fashion police nonsense is useless noise that doesn’t contribute anything of value.


If only her horrible taste in sweaters was the worst thing about her… oh, to live in that world.


However, colorful and making horrendous choices reminds me of someone else not to trust.

I agree with all re: futility of picking on fascists’ clothes. I esp agree re: the cruel, bullying way some do so regarding the clothes of actual human beings,™®© too, of any gender/s.

I enjoy picking on everything fucked the fascists get up, er, down to. Evil hates being laughed at more than almost anything, so I also poke fun at every target they present, including anything proving their utter lack of taste.

A “Wow! They even dress like an asshole!” sort of thing is pefectly acceptable to me.

Brief tangent:
When I was in high school, a wilfully and amusingly dramatic friend once flipped thru our new Sears catalogue. He got to the women’s clothing and began making little (for him, anyway) faces of disgust. He came to one outfit and loudly gasped. (He was such fun!) He recovered from his shock, gathered himself, and pronounced the immortal words:

“Oh. My. Gawd. Who could even be caught dead wearing this ensemble?!?!


I think an article about holding Nikki Haley as being an improvement over TFG should note her continual support of “most” of his policies, and that while she has rarely spoken against him, she’s unwilling to speak against him now.


Classic heightism is to claim that you’ve spotted your target trying to mitigate their appearance in some way. Same shit with Rishi Sunak in the UK, any excuse to comment on his low stature.

Boing Boing very rarely lets me down but this is ad hominem
I was pleased to find other posters beat me to the comments here.
We’re better than this, correct?

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All I know is when you get older and you’re cold all the time, you suddenly appreciate sweaters in ways you might never have when you were younger. I don’t see any reason to mock her choice in “kooky” sweaters when she’s literally denying what the civil war is about, thus reaching out a welcoming hand to the racists in her party.

Give me more sweaters. And absolutely hold these racist shit heels to task for their archaic, dangerous, and violence-producing viewpoints. But journalist these days go after the low hanging fruit of appearance rather than substance far too often.



This is one of those memes that hit my brain in the voice and song in question - like anything with James Earl Jones or Sean Connery for example.

Dunno why but the music was even there - I’m sure somehow AI can take this and figure out how to design memes that are even more weaponized than they already are.


And now I have to go and listen to the original!


Hate the game player
Not the player game sweater.

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The sweaters are windows to the soul

Unecessary, though, given what spews from her mouth

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