No one was injured by the pole dancers at this gender reveal party

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I feel old. This used to be “hey, know what you guys are having?” “Yeah, it’s a boy”. Done.

At least they didn’t burn down hundreds of acres, so, win?


Shouldn’t it have both a male and a female dancer for the pole dancing bit? And wouldn’t the reveal have been better if you started with two and then one finished the act, signifying the reveal?

I feel like there was a missed creative opportunity here. I know, I know, it is blase Instagram crap devoid of creativity, but still.

And I said the secret word, so I will Quark myself, but “man and woman dancer” or “boy and girl dancer” didn’t sound right.


Is being injured by pole dancers a thing these days?


At Ferengi gentleman’s clubs the dancers emerge on stage naked and then gradually dress themselves.


Our gender reveal was done the old fashioned way, after more than 24 hours of labor the nurse came and got me from the waiting room and my wife said “it’s a girl”.

Then I called people from the payphone and revealed it to them.

I wonder how the conversation went or who’s idea it was to have pole dancers for this particular announcement.


I suspect the mother to be was friends with or even worked with the other women in the video. Based only on the very loving hug they were giving her after the reveal.

In any case, like others, our gender reveal come after a lot of pushing and swearing and did not involve anything exploding except my wife’s water breaking at 1:00 in the morning. I of course immediately went and made coffee, because I am not at my best at 1:00 in the morning and wasn’t thinking straight.


Am I the only one who cannot see the tiktok embeds on the posts?



Give it a minute - sometimes they take time to load. Unless maybe your browser doesn’t like the embedding.

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Uhm… I loaded the page on firefox and loads fine. Seems Vivaldi is blocking something (my adblocker is disabled for BB).


Financially? but that’s really a self-inflicted injury.


In the right club, it is.


Probable Gender Reveal Party.


Would they have acted disappointed if the pink poledancer had popped the balloon? Or is this entire thing performative with the goal of gaining more followers such that they would have appeared equally ecstatic? I seriously, honestly do not understand the point of these things. Even if you believe there are only two genders and gender is fixed at birth and immutable, I still don’t understand these. I’m friends with a lesbian couple, one of whom is decidedly gender non-conforming (but still identifies as a cis woman), and even they did a gender reveal cake when one was pregnant with their child and I just didn’t get it. I know for a fact they would have been happy regardless, and they are well aware of and supportive of trans people (like me), so they were aware the reveal could turn out to be wrong, but they still did it.


Because curious minds, okay mine, wanted to know.

A subreddit comment says she is a well known pole dancer instructor with her own school and those were two of her students. Her school appears to be in Moldova. A quick search shows it appears to be the same person on tiktok as well as Instagram and the schools Instagram.

That would explain the choice of method.

Now I have to close browser tabs before I have to explain why I’m researching pole dancing schools in Moldova to my wife.


Can I please get a cringe cherry on top of this cringe sundae? Oh it’s done already? Thanks.

Yeah the second one. Imagine that being part of your childhood narrative - how many likes and shares you had before you were born.

They are fighting a tsunami.

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Either the dad would have had exactly the same ecstatic reaction if it had been a girl, in which case what’s the fucking point?
Or he would not have, in which case he’s a schmuck.

I really do not get this gender reveal stuff. Just tell the people in your life who care.

Also, judging from this, it is not clear if the mum knew. If she did, did she really keep it secret from dad?
If she didn’t, who did and who gets to tell the performers and balloon providers what it is?

I really, really do not get it.


This is a manufactured Instagram video. He would have jumped into the pool if it said it was a Xeonomorph.


tiktok embeds are terrible, but sadly all that HTML comes from them, not us, so there’s little we can do on our end.