Not just Kellyanne: Sean Spicer also repeatedly references nonexistent terrorist attack


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Oh, come on. “Eric Rudolph” is totally one of those foreign Muslim names! Fake news!

(also, holy crap. I totally missed the stuff he did in addition to the Olympics bombing. Must be the media underreporting things!)


It’s all about crafting the message.
They even lie about bathrobes.


Don’t blow us up!


In case you missed this tidbit of American glory:


I think donald is more of a snuggie type of guy.


Hmm. Perhaps he is referencing something that has yet to happen?


I was thinking of a Daffy Duck onesie.


March 8, 1998 - To protest what he feels is the persecution of his brother by the FBI and the media, Daniel Rudolph sets up a camera in his Summerville, South Carolina garage. He cuts off his hand with a circular saw. It is later surgically reattached.

What in the unholy fuck?


Seemed more appropriate in xeni’s article on racist shitbag old man sessions but comments don’t seem to be working.

Also, where is our equivalent of the munich post? We’re well into normalisation now for a scarily large part of the population, aren’t we? And i include in that the little britain lot over here.


TWO PLUS TWO EQUALS FIVE!!! And don’t you forget it.


Darn right we need to ban terrorists who go to certain countries and become terrorists and then come back to our country and be terrorists. Like Eric Rudolph! He should never have been allowed to leave the country and then… oh, whoops.


I am hoping that Trump’s hype will have the effect of provoking more reporting on white nationalist terror. Like the actual Bowling Green Massacre plot:

As for an atlanta terrorist attack, there was this asshole in 2014:


Nah, he’s totally a half-open silk kimono kinda guy.


Everything about this is just so insultingly… insulting!

Tarring entire nationalities (certain nationalities). The Bowling Green Massacre. (Oh, she was intending to say “masterminds.” Which makes no sense! Why would anyone refer to them as the “Bowling Green masterminds”?) Talking about Atlanta!



This is so totally unfair. Gul Madred could clearly see a fifth light reflected in Pickard’s bald head. It was all a big misunderstanding.

Anybody could have made that mistake.


And YOU win The Internet for today! heheheh


I don’t see no bathrobes.


Well, gosh. :upside_down_face: