NRA president Wayne LaPierre resigns days before trial begins

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Shame it’s not the NRA on trial for enabling terrorism, but seeing this ghoul in the dock is something to savour.


In one of the most bizarre episodes of The Animaniacs “Dwayne LaPistol” came to visit and insisted on showing everyone his “buns”

(still can’t see any real humor to a parody about such an insanely lethal issue)


Good. There is a significant portion of pro-2A people who have wanted him gone for a long time.


I can’t find much on this guy. I can only even find one picture of him, and no interviews, which is odd considering he has been the NRA’s Managing Director of Public Affairs. This seems to be a behind the scenes guy. He seems an odd choice.


What surprised me is the number of NRA members that have a sort of blind loyalty to LaPierre DESPITE the huge amounts of money that he has grifted from the organization and converted to his own use. Which brings up the question to me, can he be charged with tax evasion for using money from a tax exempt organization for his own use?


The organisation, which was too corrupt for Ollie North, remains rotten to the core – including its mission. It has been since 1977, when it was taken over in an internal coup by a racist murderer.

That hasn’t stopped ammosexuals (including some here until relatively recently) from parroting NRA talking points.


LaPierre is a selfish criminal and is responsible for promoting the current mass murder epidemic in the USA. There is a mass murder every day in the USA now and the politicians don’t even address the gun violence.


It wouldn’t be a total shock if obscurity is the cleanest record available among ideologically suitable candidates.


“Pro 2A” translates to

“I want to be irresponsible with firearms without consequences”


Ecrase l’infame!

Blind loyalty to a leader who has been grifting huge amounts of money from his supporters, huh? Now where have I seen that before…?


I personally haven’t seen any LaPierre defenders, but I am sure they exist.

I imagine they are older people who have this sort of reference for institutions and leaders and just make up excuses because, by-god, you can’t admit you were wrong about something or else the other side wins!

People have grumbled about the NRA for DECADES and how they do things. Their fundraising to lobbying ratio has long been in question. And for a long time people were like “Yeah, they suck at this or that, but it’s the best defense we got.” But in the last ~20 years there have been several other larger rights groups and a lot more local groups at the state level which are actually DOING things, and more and more people have just let their membership lapse.

We know. We’ve been reporting on the results for years.

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Or best “scrubbed” record.

i’m still baffled how little came of their clear ties with russia

Kremlin links were clear… Despite these declarations about their ties to the Russian government, NRA officials paid for and facilitated Torshin and Butina’s introduction into American political organizations.


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