NRA threatens Iran with alligator wrestlers in new dis track


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Uneasy Rider indeed


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NRA videos are always WTF-fascinating, but that was a good one. I’m kind of wondering what the point of it was, though. Obviously it’s not aimed at Iran, it’s aimed at the NRA base. But besides telling the base, “Hey, you’re the real Americans, not those blacks or people wth education. We don’t need to use diplomacy to deal with foreign countries - we’ll just shoot the nukes out of the sky with our pistols! Yeeeehaw!” I’m not sure what they were trying to accomplish.






Wow, yeah. Everything about it, from the rodeo clown outfit to the oddly noir cutaways to… well, that’s about it, actually.


It’s kind of hard to see Charlie Daniels as a has-been because he never was all that much to start with… Pitiful little people gotta do pitiful little stunts I guess.


NRA threatens Iran with ‘swamp folks’ and ‘gator’ wrestlers in dis track


You may have met our fancy president but come up against us and we’ll show you who the more competent violinist is.


All you haters should shut up, because I know Iran was right on the verge of invading the USA and instituting an Islamic theocracy when the Ayatollahs saw this video and immediately cancelled their plans.

(In related news: Man Avoids Messing With Texas.)



Wait, um… is CD taking SPRC checks now. This is satire, right? Am’I’Rite?


The contempt these so-called patriots have for America’s greatest cities is palpable. As far as I can tell the only reason they were upset by the 9/11 attacks is that they think wishing ill towards New York City is their job.


Really the headline should be NRA threatens Iran the rest of America with ‘swamp folks’ and ‘gator’ wrestlers
They’re a comin’ for us, armed with guns 'n gators!


Dear NRA guys,

Who is stopping you? Go. Buy a ticket to Turkey or Iraq and join the fucking fight. Maybe you’ll get to use your toy for once and not have to worry about one of use libs messing with you over it.

I mean it’s not like NRA members are a bunch of loud talking sissies, right? You guys don’t have those guns because you’re primarily elderly cowards, you have them because guns allow you to secure freedom! So go and do so or shut the fuck up.


Well then who will be left to defend America’s swamps when all those Ayatollahs of Iran come callin’?


I love this. Yet another piece of NRA reference material for the next time they decide to lie about the effectiveness of Australia’s gun control laws.
Honestly, how does the NRA expect to be taken seriously outside the US political scene if they continue to act like this.


To be honest, if I was thinking of invading the US, and I saw this, the first thing to go through my mind would be “why bother”.


Radical Islamic Terrorists: “Looks like they’ve got the ‘violent religious ideologue’ market cornered already. Oh well, on to Canada!”