One Day in Donald Trump's Army


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH two soldiers in Donald Trump’s Army bravely defend the political goals of Donald Trump

Amazon employees snapped up NYC real estate before headquarters announcement

Uh, just to avoid detracting from good satire in the future, you don’t salute sergeants (unless they’re wearing the Medal of Honor) and you address them as ‘sergeant’ & most definitely not ‘sir’.


The bugged me to an unreasonable level.


Maybe it’s supposed to suggest just another way that Trump’s military forces are totally FUBAR?


Those who parade also serve.


I love this strip…it is absolutely brutal.



It’s funny because it’s…



I did not know “Don’t ask, don’t tell” was actually that open.


Right!?! Maybe that’s a navy flight deck thing I don’t understand, but they look like a platoon of Teletubbies.


I think La La is the one in the middle.


i am so confused


“No guns needed to keep the rubes focused on our distracting scapegoat.”


Supporting our troops


They call them “Skittles.” :man_pilot::slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah, they’re color-coded by specialty. See Wikipedia:

When a Distinguished Visitor (DV) arrives on the ship by air, a call to “Muster the Rainbow Sideboys” is made. Typically two of each colored jersey stand opposite each other in front of the entrance to the ship to render honors to the DV. These sailors in their colored jerseys are referred to as “Rainbow Sideboys”.


I figured it was something like that. Thanks!


Now the question is answered sensibly can I still giggle at that name? :relaxed:

Also a good mission name, anyone remember Centaur Rodeo ?

ETA: Rainbow Sideboys is now the name of my backing band. When I get one.


Well, it’s important to distinguish the character of the military from that of the commander-in-chief. Lawful orders must be obeyed, after all, whether wisely issued or not. That’s the military contract for which they pledge up to and including their lives.

On our part, the least we owe them is the election of sensible leaders worthy of those stakes, and the courage to keep holding those leaders to account. As the underappreciated Judge Gurfein so wisely stated: “The security of the Nation is not at the ramparts alone.”


Given the 800 or so military bases and installations that the U.S. has in Goddess knows how many (100+?) countries, I’m more worried about the security of other nations. But I guess that would be deemed beside the point?


I wonder what would actually happen if America was ever done laughing at nothing funny. Ridicule can kill. Or at least this ridiculed.