Pastor Greg Locke threatens to expose the six witches in his church

I mean that’s a brave stance, but understand that much of the people are armed, very angry, and will likely assault you with the encouragement of Locke. I’ve gone to one of his little hate fests just for entertainment, and we left halfway through because it was terrifying. The people at that church ARE going to kill these witches if he names them. They will do it.


No, no, NO. That’s an invitation to essentially lynch some poor and entirely innocent woman.


In a crowd like that, what happens next is people would be hurt. He’s whipped up the mob to believe all this, and as soon as they have a target they’ll explode.

People want to rant and scream and carry on, that’s there business but this is putting innocent people at risk. Chances are they are vulnerable people as well, searching for acceptance and understanding - that’s why they fell for this bullshit. And then, when they refused to tow the line or blow the pastor, they were condemned as witches.


The only logical response to that video is this video:


You are so right. I don’t think I can add much, outside of my thoughts that the visibility of this specific accusation (and all the history it brings) seems very immediately dangerous, whereas the other assaults on women’s autonomy feel more “subtler/existential” to me due to the regulatory nature of those efforts.

Neither are acceptable or beneficial and I acknowledge that I don’t have the same perspective a woman would about this, but accusations of witchcraft have time and again lead to swift deaths and that’s what I’m on about here.


Yeah, true, but I think these two things go together… I think part of the reason that the original moral panic over women happened (primarily in Europe) was because the women targeted did not conform to societal expectations the men had of them. I just think in this case, we have roles of those two things switched, with our legal rights being eroded and these sorts of supernatural claims cropping up as following that… while in the late medieval, early modern period, it was probably the opposite.



See, I like the idea, it feels good, but only if I’m actually already the target, although I wouldn’t be in attendance at this hatefest in the first place. If the target is someone else, then I’m not going to invite that for the reasons other have already described.


Or a good ol’ slander suit.

*Conditions for slander are…false, spoken out loud (with a witness who will attest), damaging your reputation, and an “unprivileged” statement (meaning out of left field).

Go ahead, dude. Name some names.


The women he names would end up being harassed/terrorized before they even pick a phone to call a lawyer.


Well, they were women. That was his first clue


And one of them will spill the beans on the others. Which witch will snitch the witches??.

i just think that, being the grifter and scam artist he is, he wouldn’t be able to name anyone. i just want to call his bluff.

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Still, if he’s got some real folks he’s trying to intimidate, I’m sure it’s already happening.


There will be others in the congregation who are searching for acceptance, and they’ve been taught that joining in the witch hunt is the way to get it.


Why 6? Seems rather specific.


Because most likely, it is 6 specific women who “offended” him in some way.


That evil sonofab*tch needs what we used to call in Texas a Tony Lama enema.

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I’ll repeat what I’ve said about this man in the past: he’s got some nasty skeletons in his closet and they’re eventually going to come out. I guarantee it. There will be sexual abuse charges at the very least, because guys like this are the biggest grifting hypocrites around.


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You are exactly correct, and that’s what makes this type of leader so dangerous. Others wrote the book, Hitler perfected it, and this guy’s taking lessons straight from him.