Pee on this Ikea ad and get $500 off a crib - if it shows you're pregnant


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P’raps I’ve been spending too much time with American teens.

I saw the headline and was, like, “they’ll give you $500 off a house?”


Free Ikea catalog saves women $10.00


Ikea? How we love to hate thee…


So – the activated coupon, are you supposed to hand it to the cashier?


I guess €500 is already a huge markup and is the actual price… they’ll take your word for it.


I assume that their test is species specific?


Cribs cost USD $1,000.00 now?


Is the premise of this promotion that expectant mothers deserve a break on the purchase price of a crib, as opposed to all those other people who buy cribs for non-baby-related use?



Right; that was the first thing that caught my attention - $500 OFF.

Then I contemplated what a terrible and unsanitary marketing idea this is.


“Ma’am, most people tear just the needed page out, not soak the whole catalog…”

Also - I swear, cribs are such a scam. You literally can’t give old ones away because if it is over 3 years old it probably has been recalled. I am only slightly exaggerating.


If they cost more than 5 C-notes a pop, that pretty much goes without saying.


iPhone technician: So what exactly caused your phone to stop working, ma’am?

Expectant mother: I was trying to use an e-coupon. I don’t want to talk about it.


My kid’s was free from a family friend.


Mine too; and when my kid didn’t need it anymore, I passed it on to a relative who was pregnant.


Honestly, I was thinking $500 off meant there was a cash rebate. We didn’t have $500 for fancy Ikea cribs at the birth of our firstborn. We didn’t have $500 for a car.


I didn’t think there was ANYTHING at IKEA that cost that much. Maybe if you bought a whole kitchen.


One of Ikea’s cribs is well regarded and sells for $200. Are these US American dollars?


They used to have a sub $100 crib that was very sturdy since they all have to pass the stringent regulations. The IKEA USA website doesn’t show anything over $200.

The crib in the video is $99. I’m too frazzled from having my own children to dig further.