Pence won't do 25th amendment on Trump, 'I do not believe that such a course of action is in the best interest of our Nation or the Constitution'

Then I’d say send in the rescuing SWAT team now… although they’d be much more likely to make things a touch worse for him.

I don’t think so. Impeachment is fundamentally a political process, it’s not like a regular criminal trial. I don’t really see how shouting “I’m incompetent!” is really gonna make a easier case for not removing the guy.

Plus do you really see this asshole actually admitting something like that? He’s 100% about appearances, absolutely desperate to be seen as important, loved, and strong. He’s still insisting he had more people at his inauguration than Obama, and crowing about the “landslide” he won 4 years ago.

I really doubt he’s going to pardon himself, and maybe not even his kids, for the same reason. That would require acknowledging that he actually did something that needs a pardon. Even to the extent that it can be spun a 5d chess trick to outsmart Nancy Pelosi’s lizard masters. He would still be that president with a pardon, and that wouldn’t look right down at the country club.


Dunno. Ford pardoned Nixon for crimes he committed and for crimes he may have committed. No acknowledgment or complete enumeration of the crimes was required. I would not be surprised if Trump pardoned himself with language that blamed the Democrats but at the same time still was meant to legally excuse him from any consequences.

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Even in that case accepting the pardon is considered an admission of guilt. That’s something that’s been repeatedly underlined by the courts in the years since, including very recently.

Beyond that the Nixon pardon was and is legally dodgy. It was pretty carefully never challenged, because it probably wasn’t kosher. Both pre-emptive and blanket in nature nothing could be enumerated or acknowledged since there were no charges yet and the bounds of the pardon were “everything surrounding Watergate”.

But I’m not talking legal technicalities here. Look at Trump. Is that a guy who is ever going to acknowledge that he needs a pardon?

The guy was fixated on the idea that he’d be impeached from the minute he stepped into office. Grousing that being impeached would ruin his legacy and the glory of his presidency. And it still didn’t stop him from repeatedly doing impeachable things. And until he went dark he was still obsessively painting it as illegitimate.

I just don’t think the guy could stand the idea that anything he’s done is wrong enough to require pardon, or the idea that being the a pardoned president is his legacy.

He can’t conceive that consequences exist, and his only concern with these thing is how they look.

“As the greatest and most bestest president-EVER- I pardon myself of any fake made-up crimes by the democrats who are the real criminals for how I have been mistreated. In fact I’m the worst victim, nobody has been treated worse than me by the criminal democrat liberal atheist baby-eaters who totally eat babies, eating babies is my least favorite thing. The democrats love eating them grilled with mcdonalds big mac sauce they import from the finest chefs at mcdonalds with a large cocacola and a fries with extra catsup and also a big mac. Anyway, the lying democrats stole the election and everyone should get real mad about it, I know I am, butnoviolenceiguess. Anyway someone should do something about this election they’re trying to steal.”




A lynch mob came for him merely for disobeying the Great Leader to refuse to certify Biden as president. What would the Great Leader order his Private Army to do if he supported the move to 25th amendment? It definitely will not be in pence’s interest to support 25th amendment. To hell with setting precedent or nation.

Pence’s statementis easily understood if one simply replaces the words “the Nation” with “me” and “the Constitution” with “my political career.”


Literally everyone who fought in the name of slavery

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