Penis satisfaction correlates to gun ownership

That was indeed suggested, but every new way it’s worded is entertaining in and of itself!


Obligatory Fury Road reference:


Or maybe owning guns makes those men more satisfied with their small dicks?

But inquiring minds want to know: White caulk or black caulk?

With these findings in mind, we failed to observe any differences in personal gun ownership between men who have and have not attempted penis enlargement.

Purchases of Cybertrucks, on the other hand…


Er… I don’t own any guns, and if I did, I highly doubt I’d see myself as the next Mandingo or the next John Holmes as a consequence (but mostly because I don’t see myself as either of them, such as it is, either).



When the Yugo went on sale in the US, I remember seeing ads for Cadillac dealers who offered a free Yugo with the purchase of certain Cadillac models. At the time, the “selected” models were all around $25,000 (!), and the Yugo was selling for about $4000.


Dudes with small dicks buy guns and feel better about small dick…seems to be saying what we all always thought?

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This is how I read it. I think the problem is that the percentage of men in the study who neither own guns nor feel inadequate is smaller than expected. They are obviously there—I’m married to one. But perhaps a lot of men who don’t want to own guns still feel insecure about their genitals, and that’s what we’re seeing. Men who are more likely to own guns are probably just better at self delusion. But obviously there are still plenty of men on the other side—those who own guns and still feel inadequate.

I’m too lazy to get into the weeds on this study. I’m not a scientist after all. But I would be very surprised if it’s actually 1:1 guns make you feel better about your penis.

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That was my thought. Men that overestimate their need for and competence with a firearm are also men who overestimate the size of their penis.
(Fallacy? What fallacy?)




Damn! I should have thought of that!

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