The average penis size is




Not to be vulgar, but that seems a little small from my experience. Maybe I’m lucky?


Every time that a study like this comes out, it serves no useful reference for men, because there’s never an explicit diagram that shows how to properly measure one’s penis. It’s been a while since I’ve actually measured my own, but there’s at least an entire inch of a margin of error in measuring one’s Johnson and regardless of how they describe how to uniformly use a ruler, it’s unscientific.



That “device” looks uncomfortable. Scientifically speaking…


I had a neighbor once who was a yard dick.


There’s also a quantum effect at work. These measurements are only accurate while the member is being measured. At other times, it can be up to 75% larger, in a superposition of probabilistic states. The internet appears to strengthen the effect.




Another reason we need to go metric in the states. ‘12’ would sound much more impressive and we wouldn’t be lying.


Are you talking as an owner or as a connoisseur?


Or both?


It makes me feel better to just say I have a “sport model”.


Lets just say that when I’m buying condoms, I’m an “off the rack” kind of guy.


Or “Fun Size”. Like the candy bars we give out at Halloween.


Mines a foot long but I don’t use it as a rule.




At first, I read the measurements as inches, and almost fell off my chair.
Silly metric system.


When I looked at the linked paper, it popped up this notice:

"You are previewing our new enhanced HTML article.
If you can’t find a tool you’re looking for, … "


I’ve had a wide variety of penis sizes. Bigger does NOT mean better. There’s more to sex than just penetration.

Most women really don’t give a shit. This is clearly an issue mostly between men.


That comparison is just bound to draw snickers.