Person would like to be chased


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i get the impression the person would like to chase, and honestly, that sounds like it could be fun. But, after reading that, based on the terms, I would insist on at least half the money up front.


Cue fruitless search for relevant Duncan Norvelle video, which is probably a good thing.


Guy was clearly a lion or something in a previous life.


The specificity here strikes me as this guy is asking someone to help him out with a fetish.

Like this:





A guy calls a company and orders their 5-day, 10 lb. weight loss program. (sort of NSFW)


The post clearly states that he wants to do the chasing. Why is the title suggesting that he wants to be chased?


I can’t decide if I want a unicorn chaser or not. So confused right now…


Funny, it strikes me as an elaborate joke. Like the woman looking for someone to dress up as a cat and make purring noises to help her sleep. So does the noodle one, for that matter. But I’m no pervertologist.


I dunno. I’ve warped my brain hanging out in places on the net I shouldn’t probably know about. Maybe I need more fresh air and exercise.

The thing is, I’ve seen people online who claim such things would really get them off. So it’s very easy for me to chalk up anything out of the ordinary as just Rule34.




It’s very subtle. This is one of Rob’s posts, and he’s tricky. He’s too classy to reply to a craigslist ad, so he’s replying cleverly here. He knows that BoingBoing is well-read. He’s hoping the would-be chaser will see his headline “Person would like to be chased” and give him a call. :wink:

Unicorn corkscrew, for your chasers

I must concede, I find this proposal kind of enticing. I am a switch after all (not that there needs to be anything sexual about it, and my partner-in-life has has dibs on that role anyhows). If it weren’t totally anon on the interwebs - that is if someone I knew in meatspeace asked me to do this - I’d likely give them a run for their money.


Aha-hah, hah, [cough] so funny…


I’m guessing, but I think that the person who placed the ad is looking for a ‘person (who) would like to be chased’. It’s a ‘want’ ad.


this doesn’t real


This fella should join up with his local; chapter of Hash House Harriers. It’s a “drinking club with a running problem” that organizes grown up hares and hounds races around the world.