Police "terrified" by red balloons tied to grates


Seems like the work of a PR company…



Yup. “Anonymous Prankster” my ass.


Surprising given the non whiteness. Hasn’t the Red Skinned generally been demonized and accused of being nothing but lazy alcoholics and deserving both pity and scorn from the White Man in the past as their children were kidnapped to be raised as Good Christians (Canada, that’s nothing on what we in the US had done but holy crap that one made me flip the hell out given how recent it was ended?)


I love that song… especially the German version, because you can still hear Capt. Kirk and it sounds weird.

Sometimes I miss the 80s.


side note…I still find it insane this is the same dude all 3 times. God bless make up effects artists…


My ex-MiL is Polish and so she would talk with her sister, but there were certain word they sprinkle in that were in English. So it would be “yadda-yadda-yadda- blue jeans - yadda-yadda.”

Also, I heard this song on the way to work and always liked it. I thought a new animated video for it would be cool to do.


Wait, they’re re-releasing The Red Balloon?




7 seconds also did a hardcore version in the 80s. Can’t link cos I’m on my phone at work pretending to be busy.


People are tying red balloons to sewer grates and it’s getting on the cops’ nerves because no-one wants to untie them and they end up having to do it.

What is the reasoning why anybody “has to” remove them? Are these balloons actually in anybody’s way?


I gotchu


I’d think a good reason to remove the balloons is to avoid incidents where small, curious children might get a limb stuck in the grating or – worse yet – get run over by a vehicle as they walk out into the street as they go for the balloon.


Pft, we don’t allow kids to roam the streets by themselves. That is a non-issue :wink:


I’ve updated The List.

List of Things That Frighten Police

Blinking LEDs
Photography & Video Cameras
Black/Brown Adults and Children
Direct Eye Contact
Peaceful protests
Imaginary Black/Brown People
Rap Battles
Free Speech
Mail Carriers
Disabled People
Drawings of Penises
Two-Dollar Bills
Pregnant Women


This would be a cute response if the police in our country weren’t a white supremacist organization.


Please add:

Human Rights
Accurate Accounts
Traceable Throw-down Weapons
Lawyers they’ve harrassed


Don’t. There are horrible, horrible things down that road we choose to forget. And I’m not just talking Nena’s hairdo here.

Edit to say:
Wait, WHAT? O_o
WTF you like German, sung? You can listen to it? I thought basically everyone (including Russian people) would agree it’s as terrifying a the Jabberwock. (High-browers exempt of this rule, of course. Schumann or even Wagner, they go full circle.)

Btw, speaking of terrifying sounds: good thing the cops don’t have someone standing behind them when removing the balloon, rubbing another balloon slowly…


Also add cameras (still and video)


I think @M_Dub had those on his list; fairly comprehensive.