Poll shows old white men lead the Democratic presidential race


Even if we got something that resembled Trump with a D instead of an R?



I agree. That’s clear yes?


Is there even such a beast?

Not counting all the periods in Trump’s life when he was a registered Democrat, I mean?


Only crackpot misapplication of standpoint theory would equate Biden with Sanders.


For all the good Obama did during his administration. He expanded the military industrial complex, pointed drones towards self learning technology applied to overseas killings (extra judicial), not veto’ing a bill that expanded the opioid crisis (authored by Republican Tom Marino which stripped the DEA of regulatory power over drug companies), not forcing Merrick Garland through leaving a SC seat open, letting Eric Holder push the developer of RSS to commit suicide, and not closing Guantanamo Bay. There’s plenty of other examples that if a Republican were in the same position, they would’ve done the same thing other than leaving the SCOTUS seat open.


I give dead horses more credit than that.


The LENGTH of the American Primary system is a joke. It should be five months, tops. This horse-race sh**t sells papers, but it does democracy no favors. as evidenced by the fact we’re all talking about this.

Really, a) We need to tell Iowa and New Hampshire that, no, they don’t get to have the first crack at naming the president, no matter how special it makes them or how much money it’s worth and b) Randomize all State primaries, 10 states (picked from 10 buckets of states organized by size) a month for five months. I’m glad that, for but one example, California is voting on Super Tuesday in the next primary, but that’s not nearly – nearly – enough to fix the broken fuckwheel that is the American Primary system.





Well, he is now.

@ubbaK: That and Sanders not being considered a credible threat to the GOP, whereas Warren is. Thus, the full-time smear campaign against her.

I’ve mentioned this before, but he hasn’t tossed his pasty ass into the ring, but Mark Dayton, recent governor of Minnesota hits all the notes, but doesn’t fall outside of “safe” candidate territory, if that’s what it’s going to take to ply 45 from the Oval Office, I’d be for him running.

@Wanderfound: Thank you for putting the ugly truth about Drunkle Joe here in simple-to-digest meme form.


Granted it can be kind of amusing to watch all the candidates debase themselves by pretending to enjoy choking down every deep-fried hunk of Carney food a State Fair has to offer.


Past performance does not necessarily predict future results


The amusement of watching some Republican money-thug pretend to enjoy a corn dog is not worth the price of letting the pale, male, more-acres-than-people voters of Iowa think they have the first and best say in who the president of the whole nation is.


I agree, but until we fix the problem I’m still gonna chuckle at scenes like this:



I agree that the candidate needs to appeal to voters, and that older voters show up in higher percentages. But I haven’t seen data that economically progressive policies poll poor with older voters. The data I’ve seen suggest the policies are generally popular. https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/alexandria-ocasio-cortez-wants-to-raise-taxes-on-the-rich-and-americans-agree/


“knows how to win elections?” you mean like the 3 other times he ran for the Dem presidential nomination? i’m so old, i remember the first time… when he was laughed out of the race for plagiarizing a British politician’s speeches. the Dems can do better than a guy who helped put Clarence Thomas on the court. hopefully, the will.


sorry, 2 other times, not 3. this would be the 3rd.


Not that you care, but if you get a second chance of making Bernie Sanders your president and fuck it up because liberals can’t get over the fact that he is white and a man, I’m going to be really disappointed.


Yes, even then.

Because the rest of the party is vastly more sane, moral and competent than the Republicans right now, and a fucked-up idiot of a president with non-insane, non-corrupt administration would be preferable to the current situation.


Liberals think Sanders is a radical leftist. And that’s the reason they will not vote for him in the primaries. Progressives are the voters who allow perfect to be the enemy of good.

Regardless of whether a milquetoast candidate or a rock star is nominated to the Dem ballot, whomever it is will be better for the planet than 45. I will vote for him or her, even if I have to hold my nose while doing so (again).