Poll shows old white men lead the Democratic presidential race


I have also seen enough people who demand perfect “Centrism” from Centrist candidates, even in an otherwise popular politician. Many candidates have been rejected for having a too-progressive plank in their platform, and if Centrist-wanting people had instead been able to “hold their nose”, they could have gotten a practical win.

“Voters who allow perfect to be the enemy of good.” cuts across all party and political considerations.


Even if one is a believer in the “vote blue no matter who” orthodoxy, public declarations of that sentiment before the primary is concluded achieves nothing but to encourage the party establishment to once again ignore the needs and desires of the electorate.

If you want to ensure that the Dem candidate recieves the maximum possible vote, focus on making sure that the primary produces a candidate worth supporting.


I usually think of his for his attacks on Anita Hill, but there’s some other good ones in there. And let’s not forget why he attacked Anita Hill, either. Clarence Thomas, a big victory for Democrats!


RE: Joe Biden, do NOT follow his home defense advice.


interesting take on that point: https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/biden-and-bernies-support-isnt-just-name-recognition/


A confusion of terms on my part apparently.


“A socialist candidate is more dangerous to this company…country…”

Paging Dr Freud…


Time to pull out MLKs quote about the white moderate again, eh?

I mean, I knew Donny Deutsch wasn’t exactly my guy but that is really disappointing. I’ve heard his rhetoric on Trump, essentially calling Trump poison in the veins of the country. Better poison than healthcare for the poor.

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